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March 2011 Horoscopes

Live in your power

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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The March winds will blow a little stronger due to a square (friction) from Jupiter (philosophies) to Pluto (regeneration). Just trying to figure out what to believe in, and if people (politics, etc.) are telling the truth, and if not, why; and where do we go from here? The Opposition of Mercury (messages) to Saturn (accountability) around St. Patty’s Day will keep communications a little sober. Then Mercury will start to slow down, and on the last day of the month go retrograde. If you need to buy any electronics, sign any important documents, etc., do it the first few weeks of March because the gears will start to jam around the 20th. Playful Venus (love/sex) will be in Aquarius (let’s try it a new way) most of the month and that will bring an exciting twist to your life. Saturn (lessons) is retrograde all month (till June 12th) helping us to revisit all Saturnine lessons of the fall/winter. That would be about your accountability and responsibility to make your life a beacon of honor and integrity and holding others accountable. The New Moon (plant your seeds) in Pisces (creativity) on the 4th will be a wonderful time to dream yourself a bigger and happier life. The Full Moon (emotions) in Virgo (cool as a cucumber) on the 19th will show if your dreams made it into reality. But the really big news this month is Uranus (genius/chaos) into Aries (the initiator) until 2019. This powerful duo will radically change each individual life and the world that we live in. Start planning a new and stronger life that has enough power in it to reveal the beautiful and unique individual you are.



It’s a strong month, for you are about to rocket into outer space in April. The heavens are aligning in your sign and you will need to go for the gold. You may meet some new and interesting friends this month. If in a relationship, you are still repairing that one or maybe deciding to move on.


The world is watching you change in a very public way. This month should prove pretty nicely in your career sector as people notice how talented you are. Your gifts are shining. Friends have great potential to help you and have fun with. Uranus will stir up some unexpected meetings and maybe a few prophetic dreams.


Your career/life achievement house is overflowing. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your mark in the world. Some pretty major transformations are happening in your life and that won’t go away soon. Watch for some unexpected changes in friendships.


You are expanding your world and enjoying it. Fantasies are fun this month, thanks to Venus. Just don’t act on them unless you are unattached. Expect the unexpected in your career zone as Uranus moves in there bringing lucky chances and brilliant ideas.


Ch-ch-ch-change is afoot all month long and Venus will light up your partner sector with new ways to make that relationship work! Communications are being tweaked from your higher mind to your lower mind making you a little restless and impatient with those that don’t understand you. Lighten up a little.


Marriage and business partners or even enemies will be knocking on your door all month. It’s a relationship month for you, so fix what you can and mediate the rest. It will end next month in dramatic change. The Full Moon on the 19th has you thinking about how to get your body in better shape.


All work and no play make Libra a dull, but how can you help it with so many planets in your work house? Take advantage of this nose to the grindstone month, and you will be well rewarded next month. Children will be a delightful break throughout, or maybe you can take a day or two away.


The month is loaded with all kinds of fun for the adventurous Scorpio. An unusual opportunity may appear in work. Do watch for rushing around too much. With Uranus (chaos) in your health house, you could have a little accident if not careful.


The spotlight is on home and you this month. Take care and rest. Plan this month in preparation for the high energy month to come. Communications will be lovely, thank you sweet Venus. The Full Moon brings you honors mid-month. Don’t be shy, you deserve it.


A Pisces (dreamy creativity) energy is invading your mind and the way you communicate this month and that might be a little hard on you as you like the facts and not the sugar. Mid-month you may need some home repair as Uranus (unpredictable energy) moves into that house. Check your fire alarm batteries!


You are just lovely this month, and people are drawn to you like a magnet, thanks to lovely Venus in your first house. It should be a great month for making money and marketing your talents. Brilliant ideas will come your way. Jot down everything, so you don’t forget.


You are loaded with energy this month and so inventive! You might be a little emotional with your significant other, so just pay close attention and pamper them a little. Then get back to your drawing board and show the world who you are.

Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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