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March 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Ibby and John Hancock

Ibby and John Hancock with Wylie and Daphne

Ibby and John Hancock with Wylie and Daphne

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Ring the door bell at Ibby and John Hancock’s house and you are greeted by excited scrabbling inside. Daphne is in the house! This 5-year-old Wheaton terrier is the newest family member in a long line of shelter dogs. “Daphne is perfect,” says Ibby, “she came to us beautifully trained after being given up by her family who could no longer keep her.”

Daphne greets all visitors with unbridled enthusiasm. “She has never met a stranger,” says John, “and her tail never stops.” Daphne joins 16-year-old Wylie, a basenji mix who was a tiny three-legged pup when Ibby saw him at the old shelter. “He had just had his leg removed and he was having difficulty on the slick floor. I couldn’t leave him there! He came home with me and has been a family member ever since.” This is no surprise. Ibby and John have had a soft spot for animals and supported NHS for years. Although Wylie has slowed down, he still holds his own with Daphne, even when she’s encouraging him to play. “He gets this martyred look of patience on his face, and then he’ll just settle down and ignore her.” It’s obvious that these two dogs are living the good life, adore their owners and know they are indispensable to Ibby and John.


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