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March 2011 YP Connections: Q&A






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Each month metroMAGAZINE, in cooperation with The Greater Omaha Young Professionals, polls a group of "YPs" to obtain a brief glimpse into their lives and their insights on our community. Following are the answers which were provided to this months' Q&A.

What is the community's greatest asset?


Jill Pietrocini


MY HUSBAND AND I TRANSPLANTED HERE FROM CLEVELAND, OHIO, within the last year and have quickly come to love Omaha. Although we live in West Omaha, we have ventured to all parts of the city and coming from Cleveland, venturing to all parts of the city takes no time at all! We love that! I believe the greatest asset is not the shopping, and yet, I have done some serious damage as a new home owner and an interior designer. Maybe it is the shopping! The greatest asset is not the restaurants, and yet, our list of restaurants we have not yet tried is dwindling quickly. Maybe it is the restaurants! The greatest asset is not the entertainment, and yet, we are on most theatres "upcoming events" list and have brought our kids to all of the museums.....not to mention the best zoo on earth.Maybe it is the entertainment! No, the greatest asset of this community is the warm, welcoming personality of its people.Call it midwest hospitality, call it southern charm, call it northern appeal-whatever you call it, my family and I have come to love Omaha and, more importantly, its people.




Stephanie Sharp


THE CITIZENS OF OMAHA ARE ITS GREATEST ASSET. In very few places will you find a greater proportion of the residents taking an active interest and involvement in their community. Omahans feel a sense of connectedness to each other and to the City, which is unique. As many have said, Omaha is a big small town, which proves that the connectedness people feel as residents is tangible. Community engagement and connectedness go hand-in-hand and allow residents of Omaha to flourish in all aspects of their lives. This engagement is the foundation for creating positive social change in any community. Omahans bring their own perspective and expertise to issues in the community, and this expertise contributes a great deal toward the quality of decisions we make. Omaha is poised for prosperity and growth for this reason.



Tom Worthington


ONE OF OMAHA’S GREATEST ASSETS IS THE WILLINGNESS AND ABILITY OF OUR COMMUNITY TO COLLABORATE to achieve otherwise unattainable accomplishments. Many professionals such as myself choose to live in Omaha because it provides similar opportunities that beckon some of our colleagues to Chicago, Denver and beyond, yet still allows us to live and raise our families in Omaha’s “small town” environment. A great deal of these outstanding opportunities are a result of remarkable acts of community collaboration.

Consider the successes resulting from Omaha’s publicprivate partnerships over the last decade. These collaborative partnerships have created breakthrough facilities such as the Holland Performing Arts Center, Qwest Center Omaha and TD Ameritrade Park. In addition to the economic development benefits that these venues facilitate, there is no denying that Omaha is a more attractive place to call home as a result of the programs and events that these facilities offer. From an employment perspective, Omaha’s collaborative nature provides opportunities to quickly develop expertise by working side-by-side with our community’s most gifted and recognized professionals.

From our Fortune 500 companies to our vibrant start-up scene, Omaha’s savvy group of established business leaders are generous with their time to ensure that their talents and experiences are shared with the community.

Suffice it to say, Omaha’s willingness and ability to collaborate has created an abundance of opportunities, and likely holds the key to our continued growth and success.




Shinnice Guydon

Sales Support Specialist • TD AMERITRADE

I BELIEVE OUR COMMUNITY'S GREATEST ASSET WOULD BE THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THIS STATE A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE. The people here animate through the phrase of truly having "good 'ole Midwestern values." There is a nice mix of different nationalities, good schools and several universities in the area. The education and culture is here, including an active arts community. The best thing about the people is they lean towards being honest, friendly, welcoming and caring. Omaha is consistently ranked the "nicest city in America.” That ranking goes beyond character and shows the respect that we carry for one another. Respect is an ideal that should be sought after for just that reason.

In our community the value is there, and you can find it in the workplace, events or even just walking down the street. I think it literally translates to all aspects of life; how we are treated by employers, friends, family, corporations. Those traits make it a no-brainer why companies choose to invest resources and time to build a presence here. The people and these corporations that help better our community is what really exemplifies our greatest asset as a community.


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