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March 2012 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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The old saying goes that if March comes in as a lamb it will go out as a lion, or vice versa.  Astrologically, March comes in as a lion this year with a powerful Pluto/Sun square.  This brings pressure both inside and outside to do something!  Maybe radical change is needed somewhere in your life and you will feel that now and will have to do something about it.  Authority figures may cause problems, as if they were testing you.  Machines, communication etc., can break down if they need repair because it is time for them to be fixed.  Follow that on the 3rd with a Venus opposing Saturn which will bring up a conflict about duty/responsibility and just wanting to take the day off.  The Full Moon in Virgo on the 8th is in a wide conjunction with Mars making this a powerful Moon for taking action on healing your life and the planet.  On the 12th Mercury makes another retrograde pass until the 4th of April.  During this time you will want to re-do, clean out and tidy up loose ends in preparation for new projects to come in the Spring.  On the 14th there is a beautiful Earth Grand Trine involving Pluto (regeneration), Mars (energy), Jupiter (expansion) with Venus (love).  This calls for a more grounded and practical approach to what makes our hearts sing.  This is a time to really enjoy the physical pleasures of planet earth-if it feels good, do it!  The challenge will be to take action, as this aspect is a little lazy because it just feels so good.  The New Moon on the 22nd in Fiery Aries is a call to start something new and better in your life.  This Moon is also conjunct Uranus which makes it a little wild and definitely asking you to step outside your comfort zone to create change for the better.  All in all, this is a busy little month ending with a lot more hope and lightness than the beginning.



A powerful month with Mercury (mind), Sun (spirit), Venus (love) and the New Moon all in your physical body house.  Work out, buy new clothes, socialize and charm everyone around you!  Your dream world will be super charged for many years to come thanks to Neptune moving into that house.  This will be a creative time of change for you.  Jupiter continues to shine prosperity in your money house.  Mars and the Full Moon are encouraging you to take super care of your health.


Jupiter (abundance) and Venus (beauty) are highlighting your physical attributes all month.  People will want to be around you and enjoy the benefit of this positive energy.  Use it to get out and socialize more and impress people with who you are.  The Full Moon on the 8th can be a great time to relax and enjoy your life more.  The Earth Trine on the 14th benefits you physically, romantically and your imagination, do something positive with this.


So much happening on your social calendar!  Friends are very important for you this month, so be sure to invite some over and make plans to do something fun.  Although you are sure putting in a lot of time at home or perhaps taking care of your Mother.  Make plans for now for a nice getaway after June 25th.  The month is graced by Venus touring your 12th house; this energy is best used in selfless service.  Volunteer or help a friend/family member in need, it will long be remembered.


The month is a little jarring to start with relationships and career; it looks like you need to make a choice.  There will be a renewal in your career and possibly an offer of more money and better hours with added responsibility.  You need to be with friends and socialize all month, so make a few plans.  The Full Moon on the 8th could bring a few arguments into your daily world if you aren’t careful.


The Grand Earth Trine is empowering you mid-month to balance your talents with your job and personal achievements in this life.  If it feels good-do it!  Much activity this month in expanding your awareness and now is the time to make your life bigger, more expansive and definitely more conscious.  Study something new, travel, meet new people and make your encounters lively and different!  You are still undergoing extensive changes to how your mind works, thanks to Saturn and this will continue till the Fall.


It’s a high energy time for your body this month, work out and eat well, especially around the Full Moon on the 8th.  Saturn’s continuing transit through your money house can make this a time of financial loss.  Your material possessions reflect what you value on the psychological plane.  This is a time to be very careful with your money and possessions.  Now that Neptune has moved into your marriage house till 2026, expect a dreamy encounter or two; just keep the rose-colored glasses off.  Change is all around you and you need to move with it and create a better life now.


This is a month that highlights the things you take care of in this world-your job/health/pets/other’s health/earth etc.  You may find yourself a little overwhelmed with all there is to do.  Take a breather and find your relief in letting go of the past, you can’t take it into a happier future-it’s just too much baggage.  Jupiter moving thru your 8th house brings inheritance and other people’s money-apply for a grant and you will get it!  Psychologically you are evolving at breakneck speed thanks to Venus in the house of transformation!!  Relationship/marriage energy is off the charts!


When Neptune moves into the “fun house” the big caution is overdoing recreation in its many forms.  Health and work are strong this month, start preparing for summer with a good cleanse, and maybe even a new job search.  The Grand Trine in your chart relates to wonderful relationships, powerful daily experiences that change you in a positive way and socializing with friends.  A good month all in all for Scorpio’s everywhere!


This is the month to make either a career change or step up your efforts in your current one and move up the ladder.  You are talented in many ways and this is the month to strut your stuff.  Home needs a new coat of paint or just paying attention to some nagging detail like a leaky roof or bugs in the basement.  It’s a fun month though, most of the time, and you should be getting along with people quite well.  Mercury retrograde will hit you in the fun house-relax and be a little lazy!


Clean out the closets while Mercury is retrograde and don’t sign any contracts or buy any electronics!  The Full Moon on the 18th can make you a little “preachy” as it is next to egocentric Mars, so just be aware of that.  The New Moon on the 22nd occurs in your subconscious area, this is a very good time to meditate and realize a deeper meaning to who you are and why you are here.


This is Transformation time for you, especially mid-month.   Money issues could play prominent, so budget well.  You could be having more fun now on a day to day basis and maybe even redecorating or buying new furniture, possibly even moving.  Saturn on your Mid-Heaven brings you honors and acclaim.  The Grand Trine, mid-month, will help ease you through some hefty shifts in consciousness and change.


Breathe in the creativity and breathe it out into your life!  Create as much as you want, it will be blessed this month!  Lots of activity in your money/possessions/talents sector, you may want to produce something.  Whatever you tackle in that area will be successful after Mercury goes direct in April.  Indulge and relax in your daily life all month, lots of good encounters coming your way.  The Full Moon mid-month is in your marriage house along with aggressive Mars (even though he is retrograde), so I would just caution against arguing with your mate and plan more play-time instead!

Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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