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MAY 2010 NHS: Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets!

Nebraska Humane Society: The Masers

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When an outstanding golden retriever arrives at NHS the question is always asked “Does Mark Maser need a dog? Does he know someone who needs a dog?”



Mark hates to see a golden without a home and has placed dogs with his parents, his brother, his friends and of course, in his own home. “Sadie was something of a challenge,” admits Mark, “she was just a year when I got her. Redford, my senior dog, had just died and I was used to a much lower energy level.”  Before being adopted by Mark, Sadie had been living with an overwhelmed family and spent most of her first year in a garage. “I think undisciplined would be an understatement.  However she is great now.” She gets along perfectly with 9 year old Charlie, another shelter alumni, who belongs to Delores and Al, Mark’s folks. “He’s very people oriented,” explains Delores, “He’s a social dog and he was kenneled for much of his young life before we got him.”  Now Charlie gets all the attention he wants; four mile walks with Al start each day followed by snoozing with Sadie. “He’s an angel,” says Delores.  Mark sums up the family’s philosophy, “Why would anyone go to a pet store when there are so many amazing dogs just waiting in shelters and rescues.”  

Bone Jour Dog Daycare – A Good Day for Your Dog!

While you’re at work he’s working over the house—shredding newspapers and eating couch cushions.  Sound familiar?  Bone Jour Dog Daycare could be the answer.  Run by the Nebraska Humane Society, Bone Jour provides indoor and outdoor play groups, socialization, snack time and enrichment.  Bone Jour also offers the most comprehensive human-to-dog-ratio in the metro. Our attendants are trained to keep your dog safe and happy. Dogs leave tired, and a tired dog is a good dog!  And of course, all the proceeds stay at NHS to help homeless animals.  Call 571- CARE or log on to www.bonejour.org

NHS Offers Pet Loss Services

It’s a sad fact, but our pets don’t live as long as we do. To help you when your loved  companion has passed on, the Nebraska Humane Society offers Rainbow Bridge, a private pet cremation service.  We handle each pet individually, and with the utmost respect. We understand the importance of each little detail and treat your pet the same way we would treat our own.  The proceeds stay right at the shelter, so as you take care of your pet you also help hundreds of homeless animals.  We can think of no better tribute to a beloved companion animal.  For information on Rainbow Bridge consult your veterinarian or call 444-7800 ext 231.

For more information go to “Programs and Events” on the NHS Website at www.nehumanesociety.org, or call 444-7800 ext 273. 

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