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May 2010 Advertiser Spotlight: eFRAME

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Customer Service is a phrase that’s bandied about in a variety of business models. Nearly every business will tout their ability to serve customers as second to none, promising the moon and stars to any and all who walk through their doors. Unfortunately, most of those businesses strive simply for satisfactory service, which is what the average consumer has come to expect. But here in Omaha, eFrame, a managed IT solutions firm, has the tools, experience and drive to provide superior support for the small business market locally and nationwide.



Founded in 2000, eFrame is unique in that while many from the outside would assume it to be a technology firm, its founders, Jim Folsom and Brad Queck, have always seen the company’s role to fall more into the realm of top-of-the-line business technology services.

“We don’t really build or create anything here that you would call technology; computers, hardware, things like that,” says Brad Queck, eFrame’s chief information officer. “While we deal with and support those types of business tools, our main goal has always been to make sure that our clients are getting the best technical support available, tailored for their specific business.”

In short, eFrame makes sure that everything you need to work… works.

Recognizing a gap in service between large conglomerates and small businesses, Folsom and Queck were one of the first companies to step in and offer solutions to the latter. Unlike larger companies, Folsom says that small business owners often are forced to make a choice between hiring an IT professional or attempting to maintain their technology on their own. The staff at eFrame fills the gap for businesses that need IT support but don’t necessarily have the funds to hire a full-time staff member.

“When we asked some of our clients what they would do if their network went down they would just shrug and say ‘Well, I guess I’d just go  play golf for a couple of days’,” Folsom quips.

“Now, with us they have dedicated professionals that can step in and find solutions fast with minimal, if any, down time.”

What sets eFrame apart is the company’s ability to offer different managed IT support packages to businesses at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time staff member. Similar to bundles that most television viewers purchase from cable companies that include internet, cable TV and telephone service, eFrame combines support services like remote data backup, email and web hosting, web site design and virus protection.

Attached to all bundled services, eFrame provides live, remote access technical support that allows clients to speak with one of its 32 help desk employees. With less than 50 employees at its headquarters here in Omaha, the help desk center’s share of staffing should give business owners an idea of how much Folsom and Queck value their clients.

“We’ve staffed our help line so that if one of our clients calls for assistance they’ll be speaking live with a technician 99 per cent of the time,” Folsom says. “And once a client is on the phone with our help desk, the average time to find a solution is only 12 minutes.”

Through a partnership with EnVisage Creative, eFrame’s in-house design group, support services provided for clients are also backed up with solid design and aesthetics.

“Originally, we hadn’t included web hosting and design with our bundles and focused purely on support. But as the market changed and clients began asking for more assistance in the area of design, we formed an alliance with EnVisage that has worked spectacularly well for our customers,” Queck says.

With nearly 500 clients nationwide, eFrame has also set up six satellite locations throughout the Midwest in cities like Minneapolis, Denver, Des Moines and Kansas City. They’ve also established partnerships with local technicians in other cities to aid in on-site assistance as needed for clients that aren’t close to any one branch office.

“We supply the whole package,” Folsom says. “We head off problems before they happen. If problems do happen, clients have the live help desk that can resolve their issue almost every time. Lastly, if there is something we can’t fix remotely, we have reliable technicians that we can send on-site to make sure a solution is found.”

Whether business owners are bogged down with a growing list of technical issues or are simply looking for ways to keep things running smoothly without breaking the bank, eFrame has a bundle for every budget.

“We’re here to help out everyone who isn’t a multi-national corporation but needs that same level of service and reliability,” Folsom says. “From start-ups to businesses that have been with us for going on ten years, we’re there for them 24/7.”

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