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Young professionals - Big Omaha 2011

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 big omaha opened my eyes to [this] amazing city. 
what i loved most was how authentic everyone was
and how unassuming the city and entrepreneurs are. 
it was an amazing experience.

~ dan martell • big omaha speaker, co-founder of flowtown


Harnessing the momentum of the past two years, this year’s Big Omaha conference in May was again one of the country’s premier entrepreneurship events. Taking a true nose-to-the-grindstone Midwestern mentality combined with Heartland hospitality, Slobotski and his team attracted a docket of speakers that often are considered big news for significantly larger conferences like South by Southwest.

Slobotski said that, thanks to the backing of organizations like the Kauffman Foundation, the 2011 speaker line-up was loaded with such industry notables as Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber; Dan Martell, co-founder of Flowtown; Sarah Lacy,  and, back for his third year, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Crush It!”, “The Thank You Economy”, founder of Wine Library TV and co–founder of Vayner Media.

As Big Omaha continues to gain national attention and the local technology and entrepreneurship community continues to thrive, Slobotski and his team at SPN still don’t take much time to stop and pat themselves on the back.

“I get a real kick out of seeing people excited, motivated and inspired to be proud of what they’re working on and where they’re doing it,” Jeff said with a grin. “I get excited about seeing the community succeed. I love sitting back and watching someone who isn’t from the area come to an event like this and say ‘Wow, all this is happening in Omaha?’ I love that surprise factor. I think that’s what keeps all of us going.”

 selfless speakers shared their hearts and
selfless attendees shared their passion - there is an energy
that comes from engaging others without an agenda.

~ ben pankonin • consultant/owner of lincoln-based instant pathways

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