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May 2011 YP Connections: Organization Profile

Omaha Nexus

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Omaha Nexus


Mission Statement:
Omaha Nexus exists to raise awareness for Omaha-area non-profit organizations and to encourage philanthropic activity among people from all walks of life.

How to get involved:
Anyone interested in Omaha Nexus is welcome to attend any of our benefit events, charity selection events, or monthly meetings. For information about upcoming meetings, individuals can contact us through our website at www.OmahaNexus.org.


The founding Values of Omaha Nexus are “Passion for Omaha,” “Integrity,” and “Inclusivity.” With these tenets central to our operations, we welcome anyone to join us who shares our Values.

Activities/events that the group is involved in:
Omaha Nexus partakes in a number of events, including its “Pay It Forward” event and “Who’s Your Omaha Nexu”s event. Other past events the organization has involved itself in are benefits for Arts for All, NAMI,Ted E. Bear Hollow, NAMI, HETRA, D.R.E.A.M. and more.

Website: www.OmahaNexus.org

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