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May 2011 YP Connections: Q&A






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Each month metroMAGAZINE, in cooperation with The Greater Omaha Young Professionals, polls a group of "YPs" to obtain a brief glimpse into their lives and their insights on our community. Following are the answers which were provided to this months' Q&A.

What do you see for Omaha within two years?


Caleb Rogers


AFTER FIVE YEARS OF LIVING and working in the midtown area, I’ve grown to appreciate its nature and diversity. From neighborhood-toneighborhood, the identities of each community offer unique opportunities and amenities which cannot be duplicated in the suburbs.My vision for Omaha in the next two years is of a city which continues to bolster its core with exciting new infill and rejuvenation projects. These efforts will offer enrichment to the communities at the heart of the city with new retail and commercial opportunities, residential developments and infrastructure support. With our community’s increasing awareness of personal, community and world health, the improvements to Midtown offer sustainable choices for development, transportation and living which are unique to the area. With the continued expansion of suburban Omaha, I predict the heart of the city will continue to evolve as a destination with a spirit not obtainable in newer areas of town. As a young professional, this inspires me to continue to embrace the Midtown area.



Alex Bodell


WHEN I TELL SOMEONE that I recently moved to Omaha from California, they inevitably ask: “Why would you ever do that?!” As a start-up entrepreneur, Omaha offers a number of advantages to individuals like myself compared to the more high-profile technology areas, such as Silicon Valley. These advantages include the relatively low cost of launching a start-up and the interest of local businessmen to discuss and build ideas. Omaha is a unique city with excellent business development opportunities, but I find that it lacks a voice to communicate these opportunities to the rest of the country. Over the next two years, I’d like to see the community work to develop a stronger national identity that Omahans want to take ownership of. This would allow the rest of the country to understand why it’s great to live and work in Omaha. Easier said than done right? A good starting point would be next time you meet someone who recently moved to Omaha, say “Great move! What are you working on?”



Tyson Goehring


TWO YEARS FROM NOW, I ENVISION Omaha as a city that prospers in professional, entertainment, family and community opportunities. As a city that thrives on its Midwest values and traditions, I believe Omaha will continue to be a strong metropolitan city. The greater Omaha community currently has many new areas of development; I believe these areas will continue to attract a variety of people seeking everything from entrepreneurial ventures to people that are looking for leisure activities. I foresee the expansion of philanthropic and community programs that will enrich the lives of citizens in Omaha. Most importantly, I envision a healthier city with more active citizens and more options for physical activity. The Greater Omaha Young Professionals is a group that will play an active role in the expansion of all professional and community opportunities in Omaha. Collaboration between the Greater Omaha Young Professionals and other community members will be vital in allowing Omaha to be one of the top metropolitan cities in the Midwest.




Ashley Montgomery

Financial Aid Counselor • CLARKSON COLLEGE

OMAHA IS A WONDERFUL PLACE to live! There is so much to do and the people of Omaha radiate a welcoming midwestern hospitality. I have lived in Omaha my entire life and have seen many positive changes take place. Omaha is continuously growing and building new opportunities, in part, because of the cohesive collaboration with businesses and community members. My vision for Omaha over the next two years is to increase funding for education and to increase financial literacy. This would give the people of Omaha greater opportunities to achieve their dreams. As a result of these increases, there could be increased resources for students of all ages which may improve the learning environments that students work in. It may also increase assistance to those who struggle to afford to further their education beyond high school. These increases would benefit more than the students, it would benefit the community. The community would see an increase in their skilled workforce. With the new perspectives, there could be a positive impact to the decisions that influence the bottom line. Omaha values education and that is evident across the city. Omaha is full of amazing individuals and is a place I am proud to call my hometown.


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