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May 2011 YP Connections: YP Profile

Patrick Leahy

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Name: Patrick Leahy


Title: Eastern Nebraska Field Representative

HAVING LIVED IN OMAHA MY ENTIRE LIFE, I am very passionate about our community. I believe that Omaha is a great place to live, and I recognize that much of what makes Omaha strong is our community members’ dedication to each other. Keeping this in mind, my motivation to serve the Omaha community is no different from many who love the city like I do. I get satisfaction from helping individuals and groups within our area, and I also enjoy collaborating with fellow citizens with similar values and interests.

One of my primary service involvements is through the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). AOH is an Irish Catholic service organization which focuses its charitable efforts largely around supporting the children at the Madonna School. In addition to its support of the Madonna School, the AOH is involved with many events for families of all backgrounds throughout the year. Most notably, we organize Omaha’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and luncheon. I love being a member of the AOHbecause it supports a great cause, and it is an organization that makes the entire Omaha community proud. Of course, my ultimate call to service has been my experience in the U.S. Army and in public service. My work in these arenas has made me feel that I am improving the lives of those I serve every day. The Army has also helped me to develop leadership and team-building skills that I have been able to apply to my community involvements. Working for Senator Ben Nelson has given me the opportunity to connect with many individuals across Nebraska in order to identify and solve issues facing our community. In learning about the diverse challenges and experiences facing each one of us, my work in the public sector has given me an even greater appreciation of what it means to be from Nebraska.

Serving the Omaha community has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I would encourage others who feel a similar call to service not to hesitate in getting involved-follow your passion now. One of my regrets is waiting for what I thought was the “right” time to start to get involved. There is no time like the present, and the sooner you get involved, the better off the community and someone’s life will be. Going forward, I will continue to serve until there is nothing left I can give.

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