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May 2012 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Mary and Troy with Action

If Action could talk, he’d tell you he is the apple of his mom’s eye… and his dad’s favorite son. Mary Nelson and Troy Martin adopted Action 4 years ago after a careful search. Troy had schnauzers growing up. Mary had everything else, “We grew up in the country, so we had the usual array of strays arrive at our house and we loved all of them.”

Action trumps them all. “He has this zest for life that is incredible,” Mary explains “but it was his little Elvis lip curl that I just couldn’t pass by at the shelter.” Action has flourished at Mary and Troy’s house. From an initially shy dog, he has blossomed into an active athlete, but he also loves to cuddle and snooze while watching Golf Channel. Visitors are greeted enthusiastically, something Action didn’t always know to do. “When we got him he didn’t seem to know how to bark,” says Troy, “now he is a first team all-American.” Mary is so proud of Action’s patience and bravery as he gets daily treatments for a recently diagnosed dry eye condition. “He is so good when we put the drops in. I’m grateful that he knows he can trust us.” We’re sure Action feels the same way, Mary!

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