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Locally Owned: JetLinx

Friendlier Skies

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Flying the friendly skies isn’t such a treat anymore. Here are just a few scenes from my family’s travelogue to prove the point. Banished to the absolute rear of the aircraft, my crying toddler slipped off to sleep on my lap (to my relief and the relief of those around us) only to be awakened when the pilot announced we’d be returning to the airport because the plane’s landing gear was stuck in the open position.

Or then there was the time my older child got sick, literally, while going through security. It isn’t easy holding a bag for your daughter while trying to get your shoes off and belongings in a plastic tub.

And most recently: we missed our Friday evening Newark connection because we were stuck on the Omaha tarmac for an hour and a half (after pulling away from the gate, of course.)  As there were no more flights that night, I piled my crying kids who dressed for Florida and not a snowy New York, sans luggage, into a taxi to crash (luckily) at my sister’s Manhattan apartment before catching a 6:30 flight the following morning.No, flying commercial has sadly become a necessary evil, something to be endured for the trade off of dipping your toes in the ocean, swishing down snowy slopes or spending an invigorating weekend of museums, dining and Broadway plays.

But there is an alternative for the seasoned and frequent traveler: Jet Linx Aviation. Jet Linx founder, Denny Walker, sought to fill a void in air travel when he established the private jet and aircraft management company in 1999. For a year and a half Walker, a travel enthusiast, researched the possibility of purchasing a private jet for his recreational and business travel needs. Shocked at the exorbitant prices but not deterred, he explored partial ownership of a jet and quickly ascertained a market need: fractional ownership of private jets on a local scale.

In 2002, Denny Walker’s son, Jamie, joined the company as CEO. Over time, Jet Linx Aviation expanded into its current membership and aircraft management programs and phased out of fractional ownership, opened sites in Denver, Indianapolis, and most recently Dallas, and increased the number of its jets from six to 24.

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