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Locally Owned: JetLinx

Friendlier Skies

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The amenities Jet Linx offers make first class service look like a shabby country cousin in comparison. Upon joining, members fill out a preference sheet, documenting everything from their favorite bottled water to champagne label. So when passengers board, they settle into the spacious cabin and unwind with their drink of choice, be it a diet Coke with no ice or a Red Breast Irish whisky on the rocks. One of the perks of membership, this is standard with every flight.

And gone are the days of stashing a peanut butter sandwich and apple into your carryon- in case your layover doesn’t allow for a hasty bite to eat in an airport. Jet Linx will cater in a meal of your choosing from any restaurant. Feel like a kicking off your trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley? How about Pasta Amore’s tortellini in white sauce accompanied by a crisp Cakebread chardonnay?  No problem. Just a short jaunt to Chicago?  No need for a full dinner; maybe just a Florentine lavosh from M’s Pub with a light pinot noir.

Jet Linx will see that you have everything you need to make your travels stress-free. It also takes care of ground transportation once you reach your destination. Standing in the taxi queue is unnecessary; Jet Linx will arrange for a car service to take you to your hotel or home. It will even book hotel accommodations.

But Jet Linx is more than just a pretty face of the private jet world: all glamour with no substance. Its safety regulations are the highest in the industry. After all, who cares if they are drinking a fabulous glass of wine if they don’t arrive safely?  ARG/US, a third party safety auditing company, has granted Jet Linx a platinum safety ranking, the highest rating possible. There are approximately 2300 charter companies in the United States; less than 60, or 2 percent, earn a platinum ranking, says Walker.

Some will say the niceties of life are sacrificed at the altar of progress. Those who remember when flying was a treat, when meals were served on plates with cloth napkins and airlines did not charge for head phones, will probably number within this group. But Jet Linx flies in the face of this belief. It believes progress goes hand in hand with exemplar service and the highest safety standards.

The skies just got a little friendlier.

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