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November 2010 NHS: Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets!

David and Nancy Abboud with Daisy

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Ring the doorbell at Dave and Nancy Abboud’s home and expect to be greeted instantaneously by a tiny apricot dynamo. “She is so fast,” says Dave, “and she loves meeting people, so she tears through the house.”  Daisy Abboud has never met a stranger.  This little poodle is happy and confident “She doesn’t get intimidated,” says Nancy, “Daisy runs our son’s Labrador retriever ragged when they visit.” 

Still she is a good natured soul who allows the grandchildren to dress her up, cuddle her, and sleep with her. “We just love her to pieces.”  And that’s something because after the loss of their first poodle it was 20 years before Nancy would even consider another dog.  “She’s queen of the house now and that’s fine with us.” It’s definitely fine with Daisy.


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