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November 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

The Bendons: John Jr., Marion with Ella Rose, John with Bogey

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Ella Rose and Bogey Bendon have their places in the Bendon family. Ella Rose is an 85 pound lap dog with an eager-to-please personality. Bogey, known affectionately as “No-no-bad-dog” is the ruler of the roost. It’s the perfect combination for Marion and John.

“We’ve had Ella for three years and she is easy going and loves everyone,” laughs Marion, “so she gets along just fine with Bogey who is a bit more high maintenance.” Bogey arrived at the Bendons in 2002. He was surrendered twice to the shelter by owners who just didn’t match up. A typical cocker, he is active and occasionally naughty, admits Marion. Still, Bogey is a charmer. John adds, “His favorite activity is to climb up next to company and lie along the back of the couch.” This is, of course, while Ella is curled up right next to the visitor. Ella does have allergy issues, but Marion takes the vet visits in stride.

“It’s all part of pet ownership…these two are part of our family and we wouldn’t trade either of them for the world.” Judging by the dogs’ expressions, they feel exactly the same!

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