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October 2010: Horoscopes

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October is a pivotal month of transformation as we prepare to enter the dark sleep of winter. We start with an exact conjunction of the transiting Sun and Saturn at seven degrees of Libra. Saturn narrows the focus of the Sun and we all squirm a bit the first week. This month we can get a better grip on how we are treating our partners, either business or personal. The inner planets are all close together in the area of our relationships and major change. Venus retrogrades on the 8th, giving us cause to rethink how we treat the beauty and graceful side of our natures and also our surroundings. As Libra loves balance and harmony take advantage of this major energy to create beauty in your home and surroundings…even you!

The Sun moves through Venuses sign of Libra until the last week, heralding in Scorpio and Halloween-how fitting! Mars will be with the Sun as it turns into Scorpio, creating a dynamic forceful energy that is difficult to harness, so tread softly and think before you speak.



Some interesting dynamics are at play surrounding your committed partnerships. You may wish to be the mediator now and smooth over any rough edges. You could meet a Mata Hari at months end, a wild ride for sure but not too safe. Use caution in every part of your life this month.


Work is going well, but narrow your focus and work on one project instead of twenty. Your health seems to be regenerating but requires discipline on your part! Lots of new ideas for your workplace and a new vitamin regime as well. Relationships will be intense this month-not good or bad, just intense. Mars is helping you to be a very strong force - just don’t step on too many toes.


This would be such a lovely month to take a vacation and play! Some interesting challenges at work or perhaps with your health that could be resolved easily if you walk softly and research the root of the problems so they can be healed. You may need to speak up in a relationship and state the truth as you see it.


Your relationship sector is so heavy and will stay that way for years to come. This month you could lighten your load by playing a little more. Get into the festivities of Autumn - see a ghoulish movie and take a hayrack ride! Home life could use some re-decorating; there is good energy for a major makeover there.


Where you live deep inside of you, as well as the external, is undergoing some radical changes. Sun/Venus/Mercury/Mars are helping you discover how your space can support your evolving self. You may feel like painting the walls black, but just wait a month and see if that still serves you.


Even though Mercury is no longer retrograde you are feeling its pinch in the overall need for an overhaul of who you are and how you present yourself to others. You are changing and the way you make a living is changing also. You have a lot of help in that area this month-use it!

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