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October 2010: Horoscopes

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Pretty Libra, this is your time, so shine on. You have so much to share with the world and now is the time to do it. Work continues to have some pretty brilliant and unusual prospects for you. Are you taking advantage of that? Some pretty serious changes in your subconscious remaining for a long, long time. Therapy is always good.


Are they falling at your feet yet? Have you been elevated to Rock Star status? You couldn’t be more charming or more of a svengali, please use it wisely and don’t torment us. Your magnetism is at an all time high. What do you want to do with that? Many sorrows from your past can be healed or just let go of now.


Towards the end of the month Mars will help your career with a shot of pure energy. Your friends are very helpful all month long. This would be a good time to see what you need in your life and ask them for a little help, just make sure you ask the true friends - they will fall all over themselves to support you. Your dreams are a little dark and epic. Write them down, they’d make a good story.


With so many planets in Libra in your career sector you should be receiving a great deal of acclaim. This is a good month for any additional big projects that you have been working on to succeed and receive the attention they deserve. Friends are intense now; some want to help and others may stab you in the back. Caution at Halloween.


You have such a lovely mind as Libra flows through that area of your chart. This month, whether or not you are a professional teacher, all will benefit from your higher mind. Some career change is imminent. Don’t hide your ideas or your talents now. Step up, it’s your turn.


Whether you wanted it or not some things have been removed from your life. These are the harsh realities of the times we live in. You will weather better than some and figure out a way to rise above all adversity; just be careful of your words. Career gets a boost at the end of the month.

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