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October 2010 YP Connections: Organization Profile


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UNMC LINK represents a dynamic and energetic group of UNMC employees who are interested in linking UNMC to the community. UNMC LINK participants will have opportunities for networking, career development and involvement in engaging the greater Omaha community.

The goals of UNMC LINK are:

  • Establish a presence with new employees
  • Make sure that new employees, including interns, are given a warm welcome to the company and made aware of our group.
  • Establish relationships with other Career Development Groups.
  • Determine how to collaborate with groups and participate in similar events. • Continue to offer community philanthropy events
  • Offer events, such as Habitat for Humanity or local volunteer organizations, for employees to give back to the community
  • Increase UNMC attendance at 2011 YP Summit
  • Promote the Summit and encourage members of Emerging Leaders to attend so UNMC can establish a more visible presence in the Young Professional Community in Omaha.

UNMC LINK encourages employees to attend monthly events, both for personal and professional growth, networking, and philanthropic opportunities. The group has also adopted a “green” mentality as all announcements, invites, updates are done via email and Facebook. These employees contribute to the future and success of UNMC. They provide insight, enthusiasm and diversity from a new perspective.

Contact: Kacie Gerard; kgerard@unmc.edu

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