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Fight Like a Girl

taking the gloves off in the battle of their lives

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PICKING UP the phone can be, in more ways than one, an exercise in pain for Dr. Robin Clemmer.

“I had probably six patients last month alone who were diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Clemmer, “and I’m the one who has to make all those calls.”

The other twinge of pain is just as real. A breast cancer survivor herself, Clemmer suffers from neuropathy, a side effect of her cancer treatments. Nerve damage in her hands– and the chronic pain, numbness and loss of tactile sensation that goes with it– ultimately forced the surgeon to give up the “OB” half of her OB/GYN practice.

DETERMINED TO TURN a void into something meaningful, she opened Sage Aesthetics, what she calls “a medical spa with a higher purpose.”

Sage’s skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, weight loss, dermal filler and other services form a foundation of offerings that speak to health, wellness and beauty, but Clemmer and her staff recognize the importance of dwelling equally in the realm of mental and spiritual recovery.

“Many women with cancer come here with a heavy burden of sadness,” Clemmer said. “You see it in their faces and you see it (now dropping her chin and collapsing her shoulders) even in the way they move. These women battle self-esteem, emotional and fear-based issues along with their cancer. They come here for any number of our services, but our more rewarding role is to give them tools for happy living.”

Those tools, Clemmer added, may take many forms. One recent client represented a trifecta of success stories.

<“Besides making her feel beautiful again,” she said in brandishing some absolutely stunning “before” and “after” photographs, “our relationship became one where we were able to help her find a new oncologist because, well, women simply must be comfortable in that setting. And I was also able to refer her to a good cancer psychiatrist. We had great supportive chats here, but those can only go so far. Sometimes professional help is needed to get to the next level of recovery. She’s since told us that it’s made a huge difference in her life. I never promise that I can make people happy, but it’s so wonderful when I find that we can.”

THERAPY AT SAGE AESTHETICS begins at the threshold. The space in the Shops of Legacy is an explosion of hues punctuated with whimsical accents. Suspended from the ceiling along the main corridor is a row of inverted Japanese paper umbrellas. The lobby features a trio of bird cages whose silken occupants are the only things muted in the spa that sports an eye-popping array of vibrant touches.

Not surprisingly, the design was at the hand of the doctor whose personal style in togs is a funky-but- chic montage of multilayered personality.

In her medical practice and as owner of the med-spa, Dr. Robin Clemmer has found that “higher purpose” that is part of Sage’s tagline.

“I was a good doctor before I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Clemmer said, “but now I feel I can be a great doctor.”



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