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October 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

John Sibley and Daisy

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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The stars aligned for Daisy Sibley. She was born in April 2007 into terrible conditions at a puppy mill in central Nebraska, but just a few weeks later was rescued by the Nebraska Humane Society and brought to the shelter. There she met John, who just happened to be on a tour of the facility. “She picked us,” says John. “She saw us and that was it. She was ours.” Daisy has come a long way from her beginnings in an overcrowded, filthy barn. She now lives with John at his lake home and her schedule includes snoozing in shallow water on hot days, hanging out with John on rafts and, her ultimate favorite, riding in the boat. “You really can’t take the boat out without her. Her feelings get very hurt and she paces the dock until you return.” Who would’ve thought a basenji-terrier mix would be such a water dog?

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