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October 2012 Horoscopes

October begins with us still reeling from the powerful pressures exerted by the Uranus/Pluto/Sun t-square on 9/29!  We are still feeling it and wondering “what happened”?  T-square’s create a lot of friction, and the only way to harmonize this one is to seek nurturing people/places/things.  The New Moon in Libra on the 15th should be a good time for most, as Libra likes everybody to get along and play nice.  The Full Moon in Taurus on the 29th, just before Halloween might find you seeking pleasure just for you and letting the madding crowd go in search of their own.  This is an interesting month for relationships of all kinds.  When Venus crosses swords with Uranus any relationship that is unstable will probably break up.  Then Sun conjuncts Saturn and that is really hard on relationships.  The ones that are stable will just experience a little rocky road, but others without that stability will crash and burn.  Jupiter goes retrograde this month and that will slow down the function of Jupiter which is to expand and accumulate.  You might find yourself thinking about all the “things” that clutter your life and wanting to spruce that up a bit.  Retrograde cycles are for revisiting the issues of the planets vibe, and Jupiter is a little extravagant.


Start the month out by staying home and relaxing.  If you are in a relationship, use mediation to keep it from exploding into arguments.  The New Moon on the 15th lights up your marriage/partnership house, this is good for starting over if you’ve been having trouble.  The Full Moon on the 29th is in your $$ house will shine a light of your issues with money.  It’s a pretty energy charged month for you and there will be lots of transformation going on, what can you let go of?


The tail-end of September’s t-square hits you on the 1st re: issues you have been working diligently to understand and it feels like something is ready to blow.  If you have siblings it would benefit you to call them and resolve old issues.  If you don’t, find some way to get out and mingle and give your mind a rest.  The New Moon on the 15th is conjunct stern Saturn and offers you a choice of some kind in your area of work or health.  Venus will make sure you have plenty of fun through it all month long.


Now that Jupiter is slowing way down in preparation to go retrograde, watch what you eat!  Jupiter is in a house that can make you overindulge in food, especially sweets!  A lovely month to hang out in your home, thank you Venus.  Still some edgy energy over friends/change/having fun.  The New Moon on the 15th is an opportunity to try something new to energize your life.  The Full Moon on the 29th is great for a getaway or retreat, you need to think things through.


With so much going on in your Mother/Home sector, it’s a busy time.  The New Moon on the 15th is in this place also telling you it’s time to think about changing your home environment a bit.  You will need to take extra care of yourself this month, a little pampering is in order.  Career is a little wild/unusual and you will have to think outside the box to make it all work.


At the beginning of the month reflect on how your life is going and what you would rather have instead.  The New Moon on the 15th lands in your daily living sector and there may be a need to change jobs/residence and even friends.  The Full Moon on the 29th makes you look really good for any prospective employers.  Your world is a little topsy turvy and that won’t change for a while.  Take care of your health, especially your bones.


Friends will be your salvation at the beginning of the month, call on them for relaxing/fun times or help moving.  All Virgo’s are undergoing a radical transformation thanks to Uranus, and need to be inspired to try new things.  Pluto in your house of Fun is not always so much fun.  Be very careful of illegal activities when Pluto is here (till 2024) because his energies are dark and hard to handle and there will be great retribution.


Oh, it’s a busy time for you and most of it looks pretty good!  You are lovely this month and people notice that.  The New Moon happens in your 1st house of body/personality on the 15th, get a new do or buy some new threads and really enjoy yourself now.  Your career is a refuge at months beginning.  By month’s end you will be faced with an emotionally charged change.  Halloween may not be what you expect this year.


The Mysteries of Life are filtering through your dreams and meditations, pay attention.  The Full Moon on the 29th brings an emotional heads up to a committed relationship.  You will find solace in mental pursuits at the beginning of the month.  Jupiter turns retrograde in your house of life and death, this asks you to re-examine some old issues.  Venus may spend too much of your money this month, so think before you spend.


A busy month with friends!  The New Moon on the 15th finds you planting new seeds in how you manifest your dreams.  The Full Moon on the 29th is in your work sector and some issue may come to a head on the job.  As Uranus (unpredictability) continues in your Fun House for many more years, try to ground some of that energy so you don’t burn yourself out.


Look to committed relationships month’s beginning to balance and help you heal.  Changes on the personal/home/career front are exhausting you and it’s time your took time for yourself.  The New Moon on the 15th offers you a respite to think about your career, is it going the way you would like?  The Full Moon on the 29th should be a very happy time and so will Halloween.


You are a very unique and inspiring individual, and you are now called to take some kind of a leap of faith.  Pay attention to your health, this month would be a great time to start an exercise program and better diet.  The Full Moon on the 29th is in your home sector, it could be emotionally draining and a little volatile.  Venus will help you flow through some deep changes occurring this month.


There are lots of changes and some deep transformations in your life.  But it will be fairly smooth and your relationships should go well too.  You need to balance out your life with more fun and a change of scenery.  Emotional confrontations with siblings is possible at the end of the month, use moderation in your speech to them.  Your career will be energized this month thanks to Mars.  Home life should be good all month.

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul"   
~Hermes Trismegistus


Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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