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YP Connections: Organization Profile

Young Jewish Omaha

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YJO is a program of The Jewish Federation of Omaha. The mission of YJO (Young Jewish Omaha) is to develop future leaders and a strong sense of community by engaging Omaha’s young Jewish singles and couples between the ages of 21 and 45 through a broad range of social, educational, volunteer, philanthropic and leadership development opportunities.


YJO is an entry point to The Jewish Federation of Omaha for many.  Our members take active roles in furthering our overall mission of taking care of our most vulnerable, reaching out to Jews in more than 70 countries, acting quickly in times of conflict and natural disasters, and strengthening and nurturing Jewish identity.

YJO gives the younger members of our community a platform to ask the tough questions, express their thoughts and impact the future. They are encouraged to be vocal and innovative as they explore new ideas on how we can build community and make the world better.

Contact: Bob Goldberg; bgoldberg@jewishomaha.org


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