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Elizabeth Kraemer

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Name: Elizabeth Kraemer

Company: UNO Alumni Association

Title: Program Coordinator



In June 2009, I became Programs Coordinator for the UNO Alumni Association. Landing that
post was a great illustration of the power in young professionals gathering for career, civic
and social networking.

Just two years prior, I was employed elsewhere when I was invited to help form a new affiliate group for the UNO Alumni Association -UNO Young Alumni. The dues-free group was to focus on UNO graduates forty and younger - an impressive total of about 40,000 alumni, the majority of whom remain in the metro area. UNO Young Alumni was created with a mission of creating opportunities for young alumni to reconnect with UNO and with one another through the Alumni Association, as well as developing supportive alumni for life.

Being an active part of UNO Young Alumni has helped me form great relationships with like-minded Mavericks - energetic skilled young professionals whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Many of us have gone from acquaintances to friends and the group is mushrooming in size. We have attracted hundreds of participants to on- and off-campus events: games and tailgate parties, wine tastings, plays, musicals and holiday parties. We’ve also joined UNO’s Seven Days of Service efforts serving the community.

Bringing alumni together has fostered valuable connections. And, as you might expect with
our demographic target, our social media efforts generate numerous multi-way communications. That includes a popular Facebook page approaching 1,000 followers. Given the large number of young UNO alumni in the area and the great leadership of our executive committee, we’ve got great growth ahead.

My experience with UNO Young Alumni and the connections I had established with the UNO Alumni Association and university staff were a great foothold when applying for my current post. Now I serve my alma mater in an even more meaningful manner, working with other affiliate groups and planning events for fun and for funds. The former includes our annual homecoming party, which in 2009 attracted more than 1,000 people. The latter includes a golf scholarship fundraiser that unites numerous businesses and professionals from throughout Omaha. I also remain involved with UNO Young Alumni as its advisor and liaison.

Outside of work, I stay busy with my three dogs, friends and volunteer activities, enjoying what Omaha has to offer as much as possible!


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