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September 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Susie Baer Collins and Gracie

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Gracie Collins is the perfect dog for her owner, Susie. “She is so smart and well-behaved. From the beginning, she would go to the door and wait to be let outside. Whoever had her before I did trained her very well.”


So how Gracie ended up raising seven pups of dubious origin on a trash heap remains a great mystery. That was Gracie’s plight when she was found and brought to NHS. She was emaciated but her pups were thriving. After foster care, Gracie was ready for a new home. “The first day she just settled right in,” says Susie, “it almost seemed she was thankful the pups were adopted and she could finally rest.” Today she has blossomed into a beautiful, healthy girl with enough spunk to enjoy attending Bone Jour Dog Daycare. “She has turned out to be such an athlete, but she’s not overbearing,” explains Susie. “We have 10 grandchildren and she is wonderful with all of them. I could not have picked a better dog.” We think Gracie would say the same about her owner!  

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