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September 2011 YP Connections: Q&A

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Each month metroMAGAZINE, in cooperation with The Greater Omaha Young Professionals, polls a group of "YPs" to obtain a brief glimpse into their lives and their insights on our community. Following are the answers which were provided to this months' Q&A.


What is your favorite seat in Omaha?


Cindy Vaccaro

Community Advocate

THERE IS NO BETTER SPOT in Omaha than a patio seat at La Buvette in the Old Market. Spend an hour there (or two if you’re lucky!) doing some people-watching and your senses will be filled with the amazing spirit of our city. Some of Omaha’s greatest assets are its people and the dynamic local businesses they have established. I love how each area has something unique to offer, especially if you’re bold enough to venture off the beaten path! There’s South Omaha, full of vibrancy with its great food and incredible original art. Downtown offers the best local restaurants and pubs, somehow achieving a big-city and small-town feel all at once. Don’t forget North Omaha, Florence and Ponca Hills, strong in local history and a natural environment that has escaped development. There are great seats all over this town. Challenge yourself to explore new ones and you’ll learn more about the community, and maybe even a few things about yourself in the process!


Aubrey Sookram

­Founder and Owner • MARKOOS MODERN DESIGN

MY FAVORITE SEAT IN Omaha is, without a doubt, a seat on a stationary bike at Lifetime Fitness. With two home-based businesses and three children 6 and under, I need a little time to decompress and plan for what’s next. I find myself completely absorbed by this crazy life any other time than when I am working out, so I use these precious moments when I am not being constantly interrupted for potty breaks and scraped knees, not only to get some much needed “me” time, but also to do a little thinking about the next step for my new business. Being in the ever-changing fashion industry, it takes a lot of strategic planning in order to stay on the right track. Trends and styles, even in children’s wear, change quicker than lighting. Everything from fabric choice, style, photography, and marketing to budgeting and shipping costs must be carefully considered. I find myself to be the most clearheaded when I am working out. I probably spend too much time on that seat!



Erin Stoll

Director of Development • TOGETHER, INC.

MY FAVORITE SEAT IN OMAHA? Any seat that faces a stage. Whether watching my friends on stage at the Omaha Community Playhouse, enjoying groundbreaking theatre at the Blue Barn or the many great Broadway productions at the Orpheum, any seat in a theatre is my favorite seat in Omaha. The theatre community here is alive, vibrant and exciting. I love that there is so much opportunity for theatre lovers and theatergoers. From professional touring companies to small grassroots troops like The Candy Project, you can see a different show at a different venue every night of the week. I never got to perform on Broadway, but I am honestly proud to say that I’ve been­­ lucky enough to be in shows at the Omaha Community Playhouse, the Shelterbelt and many others. I hope to be on stage again soon, but for now I’m happy to sit back, relax and enjoy the show from my favorite seat.


Kristen Hughes


MY FAVORITE SEAT IN OMAHA is on the patio in my backyard. It is a refurbished rocking chair that was saved from a pile in a neighbor’s garage destined for the dump. Of course, I’ll take your trash and turn it into my favorite seat in town! That rocking chair is where I get to sit next to my husband and relax after an exhausting day of inspiring the city’s finest at Monroe Middle School (truth be told, they’re generally the ones doing the inspiring). On a good day, I might be joined by a group of my closest friends, hula-hooping their worries away in my little piece of heaven. That’s right, I said hula-hooping. On a great day, I am enjoying one of our patented “BazaarBQ” gatherings from that chair. I wouldn’t trade the seat that came from a garbage pile for any other; it is where I’m rejuvenated and free of worries... except for the weeds in the yard, the ever-growing garden and the squirrels digging up my bulbs! There’s no place like home…



-end- metroMAGAZINE




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