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“Like.” With the Social Media Revolution, this is a word that’s come to mean so much more than it used to. True, it’s always been a verb, but there’s something about our evolving communal usage of it nowadays that has definitely moved it from feeling a bit more passive to feeling decidedly active! (Yes, I’m leading up to something.)

I’d very much like to introduce our newest annual publication, “101 Things to Love about the Greater Omaha Metro!” This beautiful and informative publication serves as an insider’s guide to great shopping, fabulous food and fun things to do, see and enjoy in the Greater Omaha area; spotlighting restaurants, boutiques, specialty shops, attractions and everything in between.

I’m very proud of this newest addition to our stable of publications, and I’d like to share that it emphatically lives up to the standards of beauty and excellence that our other publications, and our website, SpiritofOmaha.com, are known for. I also wish to share that I really liked helping to bring this vision into reality– I had a terrific time working on this project. It served as an opportunity to connect with the owners of my favorite shops and restaurants and it was also a wonderful opportunity to meet with businesses that are fairly new to the Omaha Metro. Please accept this invitation to like it along with us. You can pick up a copy at participating businesses as well as learn more about them on SpiritofOmaha.com. I would also like to encourage you to like us on our “101 Things to Love About the Omaha Metro” Facebook page.

Here’s a few more items worth liking: voting for The Big Event 2011 is now underway. We are pleased and privileged to honor all of those who serve our community and to celebrate the people and organizations making a difference in the metro area.

This annual star-studded gala honors 52 fundraising events nominated by you!

You are the “academy.” Those events from the preceding year which you liked the most make up our nominees. Now, as academicians, it’s time to vote for the winners you like most among those 52 finalists– check out the list of nominees on page 49 and then go SpiritofOmaha.com to vote for your favorites!

We also would like to invite you to “Save the Date” and mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 29th at Ak-Sar-Ben Cinema where will be rolling out the red carpet to celebrate all of these nominees and the hard work that went into putting on their successful charity events... and, of course, to announce the winners!

Tickets will go on sale in October for this annual Academy Awards style party.

We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate these wonderful individuals and organizations along with us! After all, what’s not to like about that?


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