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September 2012 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Steve and Tina King

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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The Kings: Riley, TJ, Tina, Yogi, Steve, and Delaney (seated in front) with Gracie

Steve and Tina King are pet people from early childhood. You might have heard one of Steve’s many anecdotes as he hosts his morning radio program on CD-105.9. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a dog growing up,” says Steve. While the Kings love their two cats, it’s the dogs who are more appreciative of the family’s active lifestyle. “We are crazy enough to take them all camping,” he adds. That doesn’t sound so crazy until you realize that their three dogs take up more space than the four humans.

There is TJ, a golden retriever, adopted from NHS as a youngster about a year ago. “He was very submissive and had some big confidence issues,” explains Tina, “but we’ve taken him through a couple of classes at NHS and he’s really come out of his shell.” He joined Gracie, their resident Landseer Newfoundland who is also an NHS training class graduate. Yogi, their most recent addition, picked Tina. The labradoodle arrived at NHS after being housed in a barn, the product of a home breeding operation that got way out of hand. Tina couldn’t resist his curly face and Yogi can’t leave Tina’s side. “We actually used the Behavior Helpline because he started guarding me on walks,” she explains, “it was really helpful.” The Kings know that management is key with multiple dogs and active kids. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. “The house just wouldn’t seem like a home without the dogs.”

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