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 Green Companies and Inititatives

Metropolitan Utilities District

"Choose natural gas."

What should consumers look for in appliances?
Consider energy efficient appliances and operating costs. Appliances come with an Energy guide sticker that details operating costs. Gas appliances are less expensive to operate and are lower in CO2 emissions so they are a better choice for the environment. Energy Star appliances can save you up to $75 a year in energy costs. If you have electric appliances converting to gas is easier than you think. Simply call your local utility company to schedule a visit from a service technician, and he can get you converted. Visit the M.U.D. Web site  for rebate offers on converting to natural gas. Learn more!

Insurance / Health Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

“One less thing to worry about.”

How do I know which health care plan is best for me?
Patients who become anxious and worried about dental visits can opt for twilight sedation to calm their minds and bodies. New methods for removing decay, such as air abrasion and electric hand pieces, offer less sound, no vibration, and they are so gentle that patients rarely need anesthetic. At Dr. Stanosheck’s office you’ll find dependable dental professionals with advanced training, state-of-the-art technology, personal attention, and genuine compassion. Dr. Stanosheck is a strong member of our community and is passionate about good dentistry for Omaha. His prices are affordable and his office provides evening and weekend appointments
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Mary Vandenack / Parsonage, Vandenack, Williams LLC

“Be thorough when shopping Law Firm rates.”

What should I ask about law firm pricing?
A law firm with business savvy and experience can tell you what it will cost to provide you the services you need. Ask whether the firm provides flat rates and estimates. Ask whether the flat fee is all-inclusive or whether there are extras. Many firms charge for photocopies, faxes, local travel, long distance phone calls, etc. Many clients make the mistake of assuming that a low hourly rate will be less expensive than a high hourly rate. Most of the time, an hourly rate reflects experience. Often, that experience is specific to a particular practice area. An experienced attorney with a high hourly rate may well be less expensive than a less experienced attorney with a low hourly rate
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Barter / Finance

Terri Smieja, Broker / ITEX

“I primarily serve as a marketing tool for clients.”

Why should we consider becoming a member of a barter organization?
ITEX is an organization of hundreds of businesses in Nebraska and Iowa, along with thousands worldwide, trading goods and services among members. Using ITEX dollars instead of cash to pay for what you need, your local ITEX office estimates that you can find 80% of what your need. In a slow economy, your ITEX membership lets you chose from among hundreds of unbillable hours or overstocked inventory to get the services or goods that you need. Your business can attract new clients through advertising without paying cash as well as receiving rebates on the trade dollars you spend
. Learn more!

Insurance / Business

Cathleen Bauer / Aflac

“Be thorough when shopping Law Firm rates.”

What should I ask about law firm pricing?
Are there any tax advantages for me as the employer and what other benefit services do you provide? Making Aflac available may save money through reduced employer tax contributions for employers with Section 125 Cafeteria plans because premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. Because a cafeteria plan is a salary reduction plan, FICA savings may result for your company. We work with a leading provider of HR administrative services to bring you programs designed to handle the tasks associated with adhering to COBRA/HIPAA laws. This alliance offers complete COBRA administration to help reduce your administrative duties and help avoid any legal liabilities
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Healthcare Reform in 2010

Healthcare Reform in 2010

In the dynamic age we are living in, it is crucial to hold your employee benefit advisor accountable for keeping you up to date and to plan for the rollout of the Health Care Reform (HCR) law passed earlier this year. Although many items of the HCR law have implementation dates through 2018, there are some portions of the law that have immediate implications on virtually all businesses.

Relationship Buying

Relationship Buying

Almost everyday we transact business, whether it is buying gas, stamps, lunch or more substantial and infrequent purchases such as a car, a wedding dress or a house. We also pay for services provided by others haircuts, doctor and dentist appointments, exercise and fitness programs and interior decoration.

Insuring a Key Asset

Insuring a Key Asset

After practicing law for many years, I have become a firm believer in the use of insurance. Having recently witnessed the ravages of fire to the Metro and other businesses impacted by fire or similar disasters this winter, I decided that this month's column would cover some insurance basics.

The Ultimate Cheapskate's 5 Big Ways to Save $20,000 a Year

Nearly all of the talk these days about economizing focuses on how to get what we want but pay less for it. It’s all about how to get more for less.

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