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Contact NameCathleen Bauer
Address 3738 South 149th Street
Suite 101
Omaha, NE 68144
Website URL www.aflac.com

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We represent a world leader in guaranteed-renewable insurance, and can help strengthen your employee benefits plan at no direct cost to you. We know how to increase benefit choices and employee morale while potentially saving you and your employees tax dollars. Aflac is a great complement to your existing major medical insurance.

Why Aflac?

Business owners today know they have to be very creative in offering benefits while keeping an eye on their bottom line. Good choices in your benefits package allow you to recruit and retain key employees, as well as increase employee morale. The more you do for your employees and their families, the more they are willing to do for you. Now, more than ever, Aflac is there to help your employees through both good times and bad.

What is the cost to me as the employer?

There is no direct cost to you as the employer to make Aflac insurance policies available. And, chances are, if you’re interested in Aflac many of your employees will be too.

How is Aflac administered to my employees?

With Aflac, you can have help every step of the way. From educating employees to managing your accounts, Aflac provides solutions that help ease benefits administration for your business. Your Aflac representative will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your specific insurance needs to help you create the best mix of insurance policies and services for your business.

What types of policies do you offer?

Choose from a wide range of insurance policies such as cancer/specified-disease, specified health event, hospital intensive care, short-term disability, accident, vision, hospital confinement indemnity, dental, life and our new lump sum policies. Your staff will enjoy the benefits from Aflac, all employee-paid.

Are there any tax advantages for me as the employer?

Making Aflac available may save money through reduced employer tax contributions for employers with Section 125 Cafeteria plans because premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars. Because a cafeteria plan is a salary reduction plan, FICA savings may result for your company.

What other benefit services do you provide?

We know that your company is always evolving and Aflac can help. We work with a leading provider of human resources administrative services to bring you programs designed to handle the complex, difficult tasks associated with adhering to COBRA/HIPAA laws. This alliance offers complete COBRA administration to help reduce your administrative duties and help avoid any legal liabilities.

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