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  • • 24/7 Emergency Phone: 402.541.4720
  • • First NE Dentist to standardize Velscope Oral Cancer Screening
  • • Special Needs Dental Provider
  • • Oral Sedation
  • • Mercury Free Fillings
  • • Pain Free Injections
  • • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • • Payment Plans
  • • Text message appointment reminders
  • • Dental Implants
  • • Hospital Sedation
  • • Preventative Care
  • • Metal Free Crowns
  • • Cosmetic Services
  • • Invisalign Braces
  • • General Dentistry
  • • Accepts All Insurance Plans
  • • Affordable Custom Whitening Options

  • Christopher A. Stanosheck, DDS

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    • Health & Medical - Dental

    Essential Information

    Address 9202 W. Dodge Road
    Suite 201
    Omaha, NE 68114
    Website URL www.DrStano.com

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    "I never thought the day would come when I would look forward to seeing the dentist!"

    affordable options in dentistry:

    At Dr. Stanosheck’s office you’ll find dependable dental professionals with advanced training, state-of-the-art technology, personal attention, and genuine compassion. Dr. Stanosheck is a strong member of our community and is passionate about good dentistry for Omaha. His prices are affordable and his office provides evening and weekend appointments.

    Is it true most patients don’t even know when Dr. Stanosheck has given them a shot of Novocain? Yes! Dr. Stanosheck has perfected his ability to give painless injections. Several times a day he has patients ask him when he’s going to give them a shot. His usual response is, “Already gave you a shot, didn’t feel it did you?”

    Can I be sedated during my visits to Dr. Stanosheck’s Office?

    Patients who become anxious and worried about dental visits can opt for twilight sedation to calm their minds and bodies. New methods for removing decay, such as air abrasion and electric hand pieces, offer less sound, no vibration, and they are so gentle that patients rarely need anesthetic.

    Will my family save money by going to Dr. Stanosheck?

    Dentistry today is affordable and Dr. Stanosheck accepts ALL dental insurance! Dr. Stanosheck and his team believe in value. You won’t pay a premium for the best that dentistry has to offer. In Dr. Stanosheck’s office affordable payment plans are available.

    Is Dr. Stanosheck a cosmetic dentist or does he offer routine care?

    Dr. Stanosheck provides exceptional cosmetic dentistry but the majority of his patients are those seeking routine care. Using the most advanced materials available, natural looking restorations optimize patient health as well as appearance. While some might call these cosmetic restorations, Dr. Stanosheck calls them his standard of care.

    Is it true Dr. Stanosheck is open at night and on the weekends?

    Yes, Dr. Stanosheck provides non-conventional office hours; he works late into the evenings and most Saturday mornings. He is an instructor at Creighton School of Dentistry and performs Special Needs Dentistry on Friday mornings at UNMC. He is committed to his patients, whatever time of the day it is!

    What does this mean: “Dr. Stanosheck and his team are Service Oriented.”

    Complimentary refreshments, Internet access, and scented hot towels, create a more relaxed experience, while listening to XM radio and DVDs during procedures enhances patient comfort. For those with severe anxiety, we can prescribe oral sedation or nitrous oxide. We pride ourselves on pampering patients!

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