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Quick Facts
Facts to Consider:

• Locally owned with full-time employees.

• With over 100 offices across the US, ITEX has over 24,000 member businesses across North America. Barter dollars can be used nationwide.

• ITEX processes over $100 billion cashless transactions annually. ITEX is over 25 years old, and publicly traded.

“I have used ITEX throughout Mexico, Canada, and the US. I have traveled with ITEX, stayed at beautiful hotels, dined at great restaurants, I have gone sailing and much more.”

– Gigi, Gigi Rock Productions


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Essential Information

Contact NameTerri Smieja
Address 7631 Main Street
Ralston, NE 68127
Website URL www.itex.com

“Barter is better.”

Barter what you have for what you want.

Times are tough and many business owners are making do with smaller cashflows. What if you could get the goods and services you needed without spending cash? Terri Smieja of ITEX (Membership Trading Community) has the answer many companies are looking for.

Who are we?

ITEX is an organization of hundreds of businesses in Nebraska and Iowa, along with thousands worldwide, agreeing to trade goods and services among its members. Put simply, ITEX makes bartering easy - members use ITEX dollars instead of cash to pay for what they need.

What services do we provide?

Your local ITEX office facilitates trading amongst members. Terri Smieja, who owns the Omaha ITEX office, estimates she can find 80 percent of a client’s needs. “I primarily serve as a marketing tool for clients,” she says. “I market clients to other businesses and get 6 percent for the transaction.”

What makes our business unique?

In a slow economy, your ITEX membership lets you use those unbillable hours or over stocked inventory to get the services or goods that you need. Your business can attract new clients through advertising without paying cash as well as receiving rebates on the trade dollars you spend.

How popular is bartering?

The numbers speak for themselves. ITEX has helped tens of thousands of businesses generate new sales, conserve precious cash flow and increase profits. ITEX processes
cashless transactions worth over $100 million a year across 24,000 member businesses and over 90 franchisees and licensees.

Why choose ITEX?

ITEX is the largest business to business, publicly held trade and bartering company; a vital business tool that lets you network with hundreds of businesses in Nebraska and Iowa, at the same time giving you a way to cash in previously unbillable hours or over stocked inventory.

What can you barter?

Just about anything. Advertising, travel, home or office improvement, furniture, training or education, trucks or other vehicles, janitorial services, computers and computer services, websites, graphic design, art. And you can spend your barter dollars anywhere around the country.

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