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If your central air conditioning unit is more than 12 years old, replacing it with an ENERGY STAR qualified model could cut your cooling costs by 30 percent. Remember, saving energy prevents pollution, which is something we should all aim to do. By choosing ENERGY STAR and taking steps to optimize the performance of your cooling equipment, you are helping to prevent global warming and promoting cleaner air while enhancing the comfort of your home. For more tips visit: www.energystar.gov.

Metropolitan Utilities District

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choose natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and inherently efficient: about 90 percent of the gas produced at M.U.D. is delivered as usable energy. Just 27 percent of the energy converted from coal to electricity reaches the customer. Natural gas – when utilized – emits 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal and 30 percent less CO2 than oil on an energy-equivalent basis.

What should consumers look for in appliances?

Consider energy efficient appliances and operating costs. Appliances come with an Energy guide sticker that details operating costs. Gas appliances are less expensive to operate and are lower in CO2 emissions so they are a better choice for the environment. Energy Star appliances can save you up to $75 a year in energy costs.

If I currently have electric appliances, how hard is it to convert to gas?

Converting to gas is easier than you think. Simply call your local utility company to schedule a visit from a service technician, and he can get you converted. Visit the M.U.D. Web site (www.livegreenthinkblue.com) for rebate offers on converting to natural gas.

If I already have natural gas appliances, how else can I save money?

Regular maintenance of your heating equipment every few months is a great way to save. It’s a good idea to leave a reminder sticker on your furnace. Dirt and neglect are the primary causes of heating and cooling system failure. Lowering your thermostat during the day can save $180 annually.

What is a CNG vehicle?

CNG stands for compressed natural gas. There are more than 120,000 CNG vehicles currently in the U.S., and M.U.D. is introducing CNG into the metro for consumers. CNG can reduce automotive emissions of CO (carbon monoxide) by over 90 percent and greenhouse gases of CO2 by 20 percent. There are rebates for the purchase of CNG vehicles.

Where can I purchase a CNG vehicle?

O’Daniel Honda is the first certified dealer in Omaha, carrying a Honda Civic GX, America’s greenest vehicle. AT&T has deployed nearly 800 CNG and hybrid electric vehicles with the goal of having over 8,000 CNG vehicles in the next 10 years. For those interested in a bigger car, try the Chevrolet Impala.

How do I fill a natural gas car?

A-1 Heating is a certified installer of the Phill Home Compressor. This natural gas filling unit is available for private use and is installed in your garage through a gas line, just like a dryer or water heater. You fill it up at night, and it’s ready to go when you leave for work the next day. The district is actively pursuing a public fill station.

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