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Quick Facts
Facts to Consider:

  • PVWLaw has assembled a talented team of attorneys with tax, business, and financial backgrounds. We understand economics.

  • PVWLaw serves local, regional, and national clients within our areas of expertise.

  • PVWLaw specializes in serving the needs of closely held businesses and their owners. PVWLaw is able to handle most of the business needs of the closely held business as well as the personal legal needs of the owners.

  • PVWLaw is dedicated to providing cost-effective client- friendly services, an interactive website, and informative blogs.

  • PVWLaw has significant experience and presence in the industries of health care, construction, real estate, telecommunications, information technology, fitness, agribusiness, manufacturing, banking, education, professional services, and retail.
  • Parsonage Vandenack Williams LLC

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    • Legal Services/Attorneys

    Essential Information

    Address 5332 S. 138th St
    Omaha, NE 68137
    Website URL www.pvwlaw.com

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    Focused Experience In Action
    Legal expertise, cutting edge technology, no-nonsense teamwork. PVWLaw focuses on business, tax, estate planning, healthcare, real estate, employment law, and intellectual property.

    Selecting A Law Firm

    PVWLAW IS A BOUTIQUE TAX AND BUSINESS LAW FIRM dedicated to assisting closely held businesses and their owners. We combine experienced attorneys with top notch new talent to create an cost effective, top quality service. On its mission to provide innovative services to clients, PVWLaw invests its resources in developing lawyers and staff who understand tax, business, technology, and client service.

    What should I ask about law firm pricing?
    A law firm with business savvy and experience can tell you what it will cost to provide you the services you need. Ask whether the firm provides flat rates and estimates. Ask whether the flat fee is all-inclusive or whether there are extras. Many firms charge for photocopies, faxes, local travel, long distance phone calls, etc.

    How does the billable hour work?
    Be careful in shopping hourly rates. Many clients make the mistake of assuming that a low hourly rate will be less expensive than a high hourly rate. Most of the time, an hourly rate reflects experience. Often, that experience is specific to a particular practice area. An experienced attorney with a high hourly rate may well be less expensive than a less experienced attorney with a low hourly rate.

    How do I trust a lawyer not to overcharge me?
    Your lawyer should openly discuss how much your project will cost. It is sometimes difficult to estimate the total cost of a project but an experienced lawyer should be able to quote an appropriate range.

    What is the law firm’s particular expertise?
    The law is complex. A law firm should be clear about who it serves and its areas of expertise. Be wary of any law firm or lawyer who is willing to be all things to all people.

    Will you work with one lawyer or will you be talking to a different lawyer every time you call?
    Very few lawyers will be able to personally handle all of a client’s business and personal needs; however, many clients prefer to have one contact who takes responsibility for overall service to a client. Find out what services will be personally handled by your chosen attorney. Find out how other services will be handled.

    Is your law firm technologically inclined?
    Check out the law firm’s website. Ask whether you will have electronic access to documents. Does the law firm have a blog? An e-newsletter? Client webinars?

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    The PVW Team

    The PVW Team