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Quick Facts
Facts to Consider:

Here are a few companies that have been with Valpak in Omaha for more than three years:

  • • Camille’s Sidewalk Café

  • • Creighton Athletics

  • • UNO Athletics

  • • The Omaha Royals

  • • The Omaha Symphony

  • • Burton Plumbing

  • • Granite Transformations

  • • Salon Fusion

  • • Tuffy Auto Centers

  • • Jiffy Lube

  • • Cox Communications

  • • Wishing Well Toys

  • • Dr. Eric Clements

  • • Metro Chem-Dry

  • • The Duct Medic

  • • Massage Envy

  • • and many more!

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Valpak of Omaha & Lincoln

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  • Marketing, Signage and Promotional Services

Essential Information

Contact NameScott Farkas & Mimi Rogers
Address 4555 S. 133rd St
Omaha, NE 68137
Website URL www.valpak.com/omaha

“We are helping hundreds of businesses grow through proven research.”

Upscale, Affordable Direct Marketing Solutions:

Valpak of Omaha and Lincoln is locally owned and operated. We sent out our first mailing in 2005 to 50,000 homes in Omaha. Today we mail 180,000 homes in Omaha and 60,000 homes in Lincoln, with more on the way in 2010. We mail 24 high income areas of 10,000 homes each for less than .03 cents per home. Everything we do is research based which is why our client retention is the highest in the market. We have many advertisers who have been mailing with us since the beginning. Valpak reaches more high income homes on a monthly basis than any other advertising vehicle in Omaha.

Who is Valpak?

We are a franchise of Valpak Direct Marketing Systems who is a division of Cox Enterprises in Atlanta. This connection allows us to provide research that is more accurate and deeper than most providers in Omaha. Because we are part of a network, your mailing is always on time and delivered as promised every month.

9 out 10 People Open Valpak.

We know that it is usually the lady of the home in her kitchen or dining room. She goes through every offer and acts on 4-6 of the offers. 60% share offers with others in the home. There are monthly National Sweepstakes, and locally there is a $100 check in one out of every 50,000 envelopes.

Coupons Aren’t My Image!

Many partners who once told us those words have now been with us for 2, 3 and 4 years. Because of how Valpak targets only the most affluent homes, the Return on Investment that Valpak delivers is usually 3-5 times higher than any other advertising product in the marketplace.


Yes, and lots of it from companies like Claritas, Scarborough and Simmons. We use eye tracking technology to perfect design, PRIZM profiling to target your best customers and prospects, and best practices to ensure a strong return on your investment. We can profile your database and apply it against any market in North America. Nobody else has as many tools to make your efforts successful.

We are advertisers too!

Valpak sponsors UNO and Creighton Athletics, The Omaha Royals, and The Omaha Lancers. In 2009 Valpak was named The Omaha Food Bank’s Business of The Year for our charitable work. Valpak is very involved in the community, and we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

What if I have locations in other States?

Valpak can mail to your neighborhood or to entire Metropolitan Markets anywhere in North America from right here in Omaha. Valpak mails almost 50 million homes every month in North America, and is the most recognized mail product on the markett today.

Additional Information

Business Lisitng: Marketing, Signage and Promotional Services