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Quick Facts
Facts to Consider:

Solo Values has the deepest resources available in Nebraska due to our Cox Enterprises connection. Our data is constantly being updated. Depending on your needs, the research can go very deep for targeting. Our saturation mailing rates are usually the best in the market, and our quality is top of the line.

When working with Solo Values, your success is our main focus. We clean and certify your lists as part of the fees. You will never get a surprise with Solo Values other than maybe a better response that you have been used to seeing in the past.

Valpak of Omaha Solo Values

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Essential Information

Contact NameScott Farkas & Mimi Rogers
Address 4555 S. 133rd St
Omaha, NE 68137
Website URL www.valpak.com/omaha

“When it has to be a direct hit!”

All postcards mailings are not the same:

Talk about choices, seems anyone who can put a stamp on an envelope or card is in the direct mail business. Solo Mail is the other division of Valpak of Omaha and Lincoln. What makes us different is the extensive research we can provide related to your target audience. We can even work with your current customer lists to make your mailings as cost efficient as possible.

What makes Solo Values better than what I currently do?

First is our data. It is fresher and more accurate than anyone else in Nebraska. Second is the way we price. We do not mark up processing fees or postage. As a result you pay less for what in most cases a higher quality product, and a more accurate list.

What kind of quality can I expect?

Our standard card is on 100# glossy card stock. All is 4 colors on both sides. We offer a broad range of standard sizes, and can also do custom cards and die cuts. Additionally we offer specialty products such as magnet mailers, letters, booklets, and just about anything else you can imagine to mail. Everything is custom quoted and designed to your exact need and specification.

What do you mean by research?

The resources we have for Solo Values is considered the best available in the industry. We can profile your customer base using PRIZM. We can then apply that profile to any market in North America. We can even remove your current customers and only mail the people who look just like your current customers. How efficient is that? Our research is accurate and affordable. Our focus is 100% about making your business as successful as possible without breaking the bank.

Who Does the Art?

With art you have choices. We accept camera ready that you provide, we also use Chip Thompson Designs in Omaha, as well as a number of other artists depending on your needs. The fees vary, and are very reasonable.

What if I don’t have a mailing permit?

With us you don’t need one. Solo Values is a turnkey solution. We supply everything and depending on your needs, we will find the lowest postal rate allowed by law. With Solo Values you will never see a mark up on postage costs. If you own a permit and would like to use it, we can accommodate you. We take care of everything so you can be focused on running your business.

Additional Information

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