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Quick Facts
Facts to Consider:

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  • Business Directory
  • Marketing, Signage and Promotional Services

Essential Information

Contact NameScott Farkas & Mimi Rogers
Address 4555 S. 133rd St
Omaha, NE 68137
Website URL

“An on-line presence does not have to cost a fortune.”

There is Something On Line For You: has been mentioned as the Nation’s leading coupon web site by and others. is partnered with more than 80 search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and others. Having an offer on your local is just the beginning to opening up the entire digital world to your business.

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There are many options available beyond your basic listing.

The Business Profile Page is an alternative to an expensive web site for some, and an inexpensive enhancement to a current program for others. in Nebraska has almost 10,000 folks who have asked to receive (opted in) e-mails. How would you like to have the ability to market to those people?

Looking for the ability to market your business on cell phones? has recently gone mobile. Now the same presence you have on through your computer can be found on mobile on your cell phone. Go to on your G3 enabled phone and check it out. is an advertiser too.

We are constantly encouraging people to check us out, From a presence on 45 million envelopes a month, to National TV Commercials on networks like CBS, and shows like Ellen, National Magazine advertising, to the local level where is a major sponsor of UNO Athletics, Creighton University Athletics, The Omaha Lancers, The Omaha Royals and many other events, We also promote on local radio and TV.

Additional Information

Business Lisitng: Marketing, Signage and Promotional Services