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Denim’s Favorite Accessory - Belts!


A belt is the ultimate accessory to denim, they’re a fun way to add extra polish to an outfit, define the waistline, provide textural interest and even add a bit of edge. I think many people (including me) don’t take enough advantage of belts. Sure, I love to add a belt to cinch in my waist when donning an oversized top but there are many other great ways to add belts to your outfit for both function and style.  Here’s a breakdown of different styles of belts and how to wear them best.


Thick Waist Belts: This belt is typically worn around your natural waist (right below the boobs and just above the belly button). It can, and will, fluctuate an inch or two depending on the body of the wearer, you have to wear this belt where it is most comfortable.  I like this look best when wearing something oversized or an open cardigan. It cinches in your waist and creates the hourglass shape we all desire.  It also breaks up the fabric and sucks you in a bit when wearing a longer tunic style top.

Thin Waist Belt: Thin waist belts are typically ½ inch to 1 inch. This style looks great on shorter torsos and does the same great trick of defining the waist and creating shape. I love the thin waist belt in a metallic to add a pop to an outfit. You can wear a thin waist in the same context as the thick waist belt. The main goal of the waist belt is to define a shape and break up a longer top.


This is the most common style of belts, worn through the belt loops and typically worn to hold your pants up or to add a punch of color to an outfit. I LOVE the look of a shirt tucked into a pair of great denim with a statement belt in between, think skinny leopard belt, a fun color or metallic. It is such a put together look that anyone will look great in. The jean belt can be worn with almost every top, try and stay away from longer tops or tunics with a jean belt, it will just stick out and add an awkward bulge.

Jean belts can also be thick or thin. If you are using a jean belt for utility, as in to keep your pants up, I would recommend a thicker belt. If you are going for style I tend to prefer a thin belt in a fun color.


The hip belt is one of the trickier ones to pull off. These belts are typically curved and they sit higher at the waist and drops down lower in the front. It’s better if these belts are similar in color to the cloths you are wearing so it doesn’t make too a dominant horizontal line on your body. I prefer to wear this belt dropped to the side as shown in the picture below. You should wear a hip belt when you are trying to break up a tunic or dress or just to add a fun accessory to any outfit!


Remember, these styles are interchangeable. Play around it with belts and remember a belt may feel odd or uncomfortable at first if you don’t typically wear them but you will get used to it!

Does anyone have great tips or belts styles they swear by? Or concerns with wearing belts? Let’s discuss! 

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