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How to Wear Colored Denim

We can’t get enough of the bright, punchy colored denim trend that has taken over the denim world this fall!

We’ve had a lot of questions on how to wear colored denim, so we’re sharing our favorite ways to style colored denim this season.  


The easiest and “safest” way to wear colored denim is by pairing it with neutral pieces. We consider the best neutrals for the season to be ivories, blacks, camels, browns, and grays.  Look for longer, tunic style shirts or over-sized sweaters. The proportion will look best with skinny colored denim.  You can also incorporate a printed neutral such as leopard print; it will look great paired with your colored denim!

Denim: Paige Denim. Top: BB Dakota 

Denim: J Brand. Top: Shae.  

Denim: Paige. Top: Frenzii.  


The best way to color block is by consulting our old friend from grade school, the color wheel.  You can approach color blocking a couple different ways.


1. Same family - Start with your colored denim and go to the left or the right to find your pairing color.   

Denim: J Brand. Top: Dex. 

If you want to add a third color to your look, just keep moving around the color wheel. Three is a good stopping point for colors when color blocking, we want to keep it chic. 


2. Complimentary - Create an outfit from the opposite side of the color chart. Start with your denim color and move exactly across the color chart to pick the color. Below we show a mustard sweater paired with purple jeans (it also helps that there are shades of purple in the sweater) and rust paired with blue. 


Denim: Black Orchid. Top: Jacks. 

Denim: Paige. Top: Bella Dahl.

If this is too much contrast for you, try adding a neutral with it, here we topped the outfit with an oversized oatmeal sweater. 

Denim: Paige. Top: Bella Dahl. Sweater: Shades of Grey 

3. Monochromatic - Wear your denim with a different shade of the same color. Here we pair the Hudson purple waxed denim with a lilac top. 

Denim: Hudson. Top: Toggery 


Pair your colored denim with a simple white t-shirt and denim jacket or a denim button up shirt. For accessories, add metallic or a patterned scarf that compliments the denim (refer to the color block wheel on what color to use for the accessory). 


Denim: Paige. Top: Bella Dahl 

Denim: J Brand. Shirt: Alternative Apparel. Jacket: Thirft store find.  


How are you going to wear your colored denim this season?




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