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What We Love About Slim Boot Leg Denim

The slim boot or baby boot baby leg denim is a style growing in popularity. This can be considered the skinny denim wearer’s boot leg or the boot leg wearer’s skinny leg jean. It basically is a modern skinny jean with a fitted thigh and knee and a slight boot cut leg opening.  This is a versatile style that would be a great addition to anyone’s denim collection. Here’s why we love this
style … 

1. Elongating

 I will stand by this statement – the straight leg jean is the most slimming jean someone can wear. With that said, not everyone is comfortable in a straight leg/slim jean so thank goodness for the baby boot. The slimmer fit leg elongates the body of the wearer and makes your line of leg look long.

2. Shoe Friendly!

I love how the baby boot cut pops out ever so slightly at the bottom of the leg. What I love most about this is how it looks with shoes. The baby boot cut lies perfectly with all shoes and even tucked inside boots with the help of Denim Stir-ups (which can be purchased at Denim Saloon). 


3. Shirt Friendly!

The baby boot denim can easily be worn with any kind of top; long, short, flowy, slim, boxy, etc. Boxier shirts tend to need a skinny or straight leg jean and a fitted top typically looks better with a boot cut or flare leg denim. With the baby boot, really any style of top compliments the jean.

Like the look of a baby boot cut jean? Stop in and try them out! We have several in stock!





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