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Stylish Wedding Tips

Author: Jasica

To add an extra bit of style and pizzaz on your wedding day, consider getting some wedding day jewelry. This can involve anything from a tiara or necklace for the bride, to new cufflinks for the groom. If you are concerned about costs, given the nature of wedding day jewelry you can likely get away with high quality costume jewelry. After all, you could spend a lot of money on a new tiara and never really find the right opportunity to wear it again.

When flowers and plants are in their natural state in the wild, they drink through their roots, stems, leaves and petals. They absorb rain water as well as any other moisture such as fog or humidity in the air. You can recreate this environment for your flowers by gently misting them with a spray bottle. You don't want to drench them with a lot of water, just a fine misting is what's needed. If you soak the flowers, water will settle in the center of them and rot could set in and begin to break them down.

There are several ways that this can be done, centered around two main approaches, traditional and photojournalistic. A traditional wedding photography techniqe is based on the formalities, such as post-ceremony group images, and cutting the cake, among other things. It consists more of 'scheduled' images, and requires organisation from the photographer. The other approach is a photojournalistic, in a style to capture the feel of the moment, rather than a basic reminder of the event, as a journalist would. This leads to a more free-roaming photographer who stays out of the way. Many businesses and photographers will incorporate a mix of the two to achieve the best possible results.

When you have a wedding you want to have flowers. With a limited budget you can still have flowers, but maybe not as many. You should also look for the cheapest flowers. You can even use huge bunches of the same filler flowers for an all white fairy like feel. Instead of flowers you can also use more twigs and sprayed branches along with candles. Silk flowers for the wedding party might also work out cheaper. If you want to, you can even pick your own flowers from the garden for the bouquets.

During the summer months, storage and travel accommodations will need to be strongly considered beforehand. For example, if you and your husband are planning to head off to your honeymoon directly after the wedding, you want to make sure you have a temperature controlled storage unit available. This unit can safely hold items such as your dress, flowers, gifts, and other items that you might not have time to deal with until you get home from your vacation. High heat temperatures can severely destroy keepsakes that you will have wanted to keep forever. Therefore, planning a safe place for them to be held before you leave for your trip can be extremely beneficial.

Just as you were taught when you were a child, if you go camping or anywhere else you go, leave the area as if you have never been there, the green wedding is the same as a clean wedding. The celebration should not leave tell-tale signs of your celebration for others to clean up. From the engagement to the honeymoon clean should be the motto.




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