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It's the next best thing to being there!

Join metroMAGAZINE Publisher Andrea L. "Andy" Hoig and our spiriTVideo crew
as we present recent videos shot on location at local events and fundraisers.



*These videos may be up to 10 minutes long and up to 2GB in size, so please allow several minutes for them to load initially.

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Home & Garden EXPO - Randall Companies interview

Added: 2011-03-15

Videos in this channel

KPTM News Fox 42 Fire Follow Up story

KPTM News Fox 42 Fire Follow Up story

A short documentary follow up on metroMAGAZINE's recovery efforts as a result of The Bagel Bin fire on January 7th
Added: 2010-02-17
MS Society Cabernet Competition 09

MS Society Cabernet Competition 09

MS Society Cabernet Competition, November 21, 2009
Added: 2009-12-18
LFS-Wicker and Wine 09

LFS-Wicker and Wine 09

Lutheran Family Services Wicker and Wine, November 5, 2009
Added: 2009-12-17

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Lutheran Family Services/Wicker and Wine, November 2009

National Multiple Sclerosis Society/Cabernet Competition, November 2009