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Sacred Heart School & CUES

The Gathering

On April 2nd, Christian Urban Education Service sponsored “The Gathering”, a benefit for Sacred Heart School. The theme of the event was “Art in Heaven” and located at the Embassy Suites La Vista.



Organized by the event co-chairs Mary and Scott Carollo, Lisa and Rob Johnson, and Trish and Royce Maynard, guests enjoyed a night of awards, an auction, and live music by Acoustic Groove. Nikki Boulay of Star 104.5 was the Mistress of Ceremonies and Monsignor James Gilg, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, provided the Invocation.

Father Tom Fangman spoke and presented awards to Doug Nielsen, Nadine Casebolt, and Gloria Thompson for their outstanding gifts of time and energy they provide to the student of Sacred Heart. The auction featured pieces of artwork submitted from photographers that represented the heavenly theme. All proceeds will help provide increased financial support to the school.

For more information about Sacred Heart School and CUES, please visit www.sacredheart-cues.org.

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