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It's Not All About Ewe

“Pet Lovers” Non-Profit Spotlight


The True Buddy 5 Therapeutic Sheep Club started in Papillion, Nebraska in the summer of 2009 with my herd of 4-H kids and our sheep. At our county and state fair, we noticed how special needs children and medically challenged children were drawn to our sheep and how the sheep responded to these gifted individuals.


Our mission is to encourage and teach life skills to youth and adults through animal therapy and recreational farm work. Our focus is to enhance therapies for youth and adults with specials needs and to build relationships among youth in our community. We work closely with Sarpy/Douglas 4H and several other community programs.

Our main program is the four-week summer session which concludes at the Sarpy County Fair with our True Buddy Sheep Show. True Buddy-Luv A Lamb pairs special needs or medically challenged children and adults with a youth volunteer and a sheep.

This gives volunteer youth the opportunity to work with special needs individuals and to participate in community service projects. In turn, it is providing occupational and physical therapy to children and adults with special needs or medical challenges through the interactions with our sheep. Physical therapy, communication and response come naturally when our True Buddies walk a sheep.

That might all sound very clinical, but if you ever attended one of our True Buddy – Luv A Lamb sessions you might just find… a lot of sheep play involving water hoses, soap suds, water-filled boots, tiaras, feather boas, bandanas, obstacle courses, basketball hoops, laughing kids, friendship and a place where everyone knows your name. All this leads to our motto: “Make EWE’re days ‘Not All About EWE!’ ”

We provide day camps, individual therapy sessions, and veterinary clinics at the farm. Our True Buddies and volunteers also host events at respite care centers, schools, school-based special education programs, senior centers, children’s fundraisers, private homes, and community neighborhoods.

True Buddy Farms, Home Of Luv A Lamb, Inc., was established in 2010. We are a non-profit 501c3. The success and growth of our programs depend on individual donations and corporate sponsorships. Our biggest goal for 2012 is to refurbish a donated barn so we can hold our events on-site. Another wish is to raise the funds needed to purchase new halters and lead leashes versus halter ropes which make it easier for participants to hold onto their sheep. Plus we would like to have the names of the sheep embroidered on the halters because the participants learn communication skills through knowing and saying the names of the sheep. We’re talking such names as Crème Puff, Meaty, Cheesy, Snow Flake, Bahama Mama, Sunshine, Priscilla, Shamrock and many more, they really should be celebrated.

“Life’s To Short To Have Never Luved A Lamb!”