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Gentle Souls - Mackey's Story


Cover Contest Winner Mackey
Age 3, maybe 4 • Owners Mike & Jackie Roach

Favorite toy: Mike's hand, but mostly he doesn't really understand play, he just dances around the other dogs when they play!

Unique characteristics/personality: He's a mama's boy and afraid of little puppies. He grumbles when he talks.

Brothers/Sisters? Badger (sister), Jambalaya (sister), Taysia Blue (sister), Blue (brother)

Mackey found himself in a small town Nebraska shelter as a stray. He was matted and covered with burrs. Mackey was scheduled to be euthanized - he failed his temperament test so he was out of luck and out of time. I got an e-mail asking if Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue could help and take him in to foster care. We had just committed to another husky earlier that day and we had no open foster homes, so with a heavy heart, my response was a "no". I hit 'reply' and began to type my e-mail indicating that we wouldn't be able to help him. It was then that I saw the photo of him that the shelter had attached.  That sweet face  did me in.  I erased my response and asked instead of they  could transport him to Lincoln that Friday where I was picking up the other  dog.

Mike and I decided to foster him, we were concerned  about him failing his temperament test and we didn't want to put any of the  volunteers at risk.  His first night in our home he launched himself on  the couch and into our laps and never left, we adopted him the following week.   ... Oh, and that temperament test?  There's not a mean bone in  Mackey's body, he must have just been so scared at that shelter. He's an  amazing dog with a beautiful, gentle soul.