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Finding Family: Adopting a Shelter Cat



In order to protect your new cat, as well as any other cats that may reside in your household, keep your new cat from sharing food, water, or toys with other cats for a period of 2 weeks.

In any situation where many animals are housed in close proximity to each other, disease control is a concern. While shelters such as the Nebraska Humane Society adheres to strict hygiene and cleaning protocols, the potential for an animal to become ill is always present. If you notice your new cat is sneezing, becoming lethargic or getting watery eyes, call your veterinarian and set up an appointment right away.

The Nebraska Humane Society has taken a proactive approach to pet overpopulation by instituting an aggressive Spay and Neuter Program. All puppies, kittens, dogs and cats that are two pounds and over have been spayed or neutered. If the procedure was performed at the shelter, the medical history included in your adoption paperwork indicates the date the operation took place. If not, it’s wise to try to obtain this information and keep it on file.

“once you adopt an animal from the Nebraska Humane Society, or any other shelter, that animal is your responsibility.”

Inspect the surgery site for swelling or discharge. Stitches are under the skin and will dissolve on their own. Some swelling is normal, but if the site becomes inflamed, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Keep the surgery site as dry as possible. Your pet will naturally lick the site, but do not allow them to lick excessively. Do not immerse the surgery site in water for at least 10 days after the surgery. This will allow the wound enough time to properly close and decrease the likelihood of infection.

Remember, once you adopt an animal from the Nebraska Humane Society, or any other shelter, that animal is your responsibility. Shelters such as NHS cannot pay for medical treatment and cannot refund adoption fees.

At the Nebraska Humane Society, you may exchange an animal within three business days of adoption if your animal is severely sick.

If you have any questions concerning adopting a cat, call the Nebraska Humane Society at (402) 444-7800.