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Top 10 Cat Photos

I adopted Louie from the Nebraska Humane Society over 6 years ago. I immediately noticed him in the catery because of his fluffiness and yellow eyes. He is the light of our lives! He is a mama’s boy and is constantly at my side or sleeps at my feet every night. He loves to snuggle on the couch with me and watch TV together. He has at least 50 nicknames and patiently responds to each of them (or so we think!) Submitted by Sondra Bruderer


Chutney has a very playful and vivacious personality. He loves people and could probably purr you to sleep. There is never a day where he does not try to wake us up by sitting on our pillows and caressing our heads. He is purr-fect and completes our family. Submitted by Sasha Fernandez and Mike Molacek



Zoe is an 8 year old oriental short hair cat with lots of personality. She meows for everything and plays with anything! Submitted by Beth Keller



Adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society. Playful and energetic, Amelia pounces on her older, much more mellow “sisters,” Spice and Elizabeth. She eats your meal right off your plate if you're not watching. Although she is a rascal, Amelia is also cuddly, quick to purr, and patient with the kids. She is a sweetheart, and we love her. Submitted by Jennifer Bertino


He’s a little boy in a cat's body. Submitted by Marcia Breithaupt



Faye is my wonderfully dainty 7-year-old cat who eats up attention every millisecond she can get. Often, she lies like a queen in the sun on windowsills or proudly on the corners of table tops, but on this particular day she chose the scratching lounge. Faye is always human-like, but in this instance, she is even more so! Submitted by Jessa E. Marie



Two years old and he got his name from his funny hop and fluffy fur! He’s a very adventurous and curious little cat. He always wants to be where people are, never one to miss out on fun times with Mom and friends. Submitted by Stephanie Nahas



His real name is “Scout” but he only responds to “Bubba.” And only when my husband calls him that. He is a ton of fun, very active and energetic! His favorite game is “In the bag” where he gets inside a reusable grocery bag and I role a ball to him. He punches that ball right back to me from in the bag! It's so cute! Submitted by Sarah Beaman


This is my Mom's cat. After my Dad passed away two years ago, we adopted Dewey to help her cope. He has been a lifesaver! He is smart, funny and incredibly affectionate! He’s named after Dewey, the Library Cat. Submitted by Pam Monsky



These two live at Best Care Pet Hospital and are the clinic “greeters”. They are very happy ones towards all four legged animals that visit. Submitted by Valerie Siggers





Honorable Mention:

He’s a loving 18-pound boy who loves to be babied. He also hasn’t missed a meal! Submitted by Cheri Halda