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APRIL 2010: Vibrations

APRIL 2010: Horoscopes

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Spring is in the air... breathe. The accent this month will be a continuation of Saturn (foundations) squaring Pluto (transformation). How that has been affecting the world is the exposure that corporations (Toyota and all), crooked governments (Haiti-Chile) are being exposed in their weakest states. This is happening to each individual as well.  What is going on outside of us is a reflection of our internal structure.


We are on the verge of greater and more rapid changes than many of us have ever experienced. Everything going on in your life right now is similar to a dress rehearsal, be sure to get your lines right so you can hold up your part of the show. The world needs all the players to get it right this time.  There is no more tolerance for dishonesty and these planetary energies will ferret out all abuse of power in the years to come. At least this month we are charged for getting outside and feeling good after a long trial filled winter. Should be great energy for many people to accomplish much in their lives the first week.  Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th of the month, so back to the planning and re-working till May 15th.


Your home month always brings a surge of energy and renewal for you. Look to healing any of your relationships now and into next month, as Saturn will be giving you a hand in that area. Business partnerships are included in this. You may want to join the gym or step up your workout routine when Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th.


The New Aren’t you just the loveliest this month!  Venus, your ruling planet walks with you all month and that will feel delicious. Just don’t spend too much money as Venus can be a little extravagant on beautiful objects. A beneficial nudge from Pluto to your personality will gain the respect of your peers.  Jupiter is helping out too and look for many rewards from various groups you either know or are involved with.


Venus makes you appear so graceful and Mars gives such grounded energy to your mind this month so get out and meet and greet, there are new friends just waiting to get to know you. After the 12th don’t buy any electronics.  It would be timely to get that meditation practice back in place or try a new one. Pluto sitting in your 8th house has some great info for you, but it has to be found in the silence.


Money will be more accessible now with the power of Mars behind it. You are undergoing some reconstruction at your very deepest levels so be kind to yourself and lighten up a little. As Mercury slows down mid month you might want to send out a few resumes, there may be a better career deal than the one you have now.


Roar your roar dear lion as Mars is adding its hefty energy to your body and personality into June! This makes you strong and healthy and very appealing to all. Saturn is finally leaving your money sector which should help in any karmic debt you have had, and the Mercury retrograde after the 12th would be a good time to relax-take a vacation close to home to avoid flight cancellations etc.


You’re changing and everyone is noticing.There has been a more serious air about you, and you are serious about becoming more of what you want.Venus will be a nice helper for you this month, especially with uplifting thoughts and then moving into an area that makes the entire world want to sit next to you. The only hitch will be the Mercury retrograde slowing it all down. Good time for reflection on what you would rather have instead of your current situation.


There will be much discussion and thinking about your relationships now. How best to make these relationships fill your needs as you are always so busy filling others. When Mercury goes retrograde in your house of relationships you may want to clean out a few mental closets in this area. Pluto is helping from his position in your subconscious. A fairly thought provoking month.


Mars is being very helpful in your career sector. This energy is boosting your personal magnetism more than usual. Ask for a raise, or present that new idea and reap the rewards this month into next. A good time all around at the workplace. Mid month when Mercury goes retrograde you could work on an old project fine tuning it to be presented 3+ weeks down the road.  With Jupiter in your house of fun, be sure to have some!


Home can be a real haven for you and you may want to do some entertaining. Many will seek out your advice while Mars transits your philosophical house as your insights are clear and strong now. Saturn stations between your career and friends so it may seem a little sluggish in that area through the spring. Just requires a little patience and summer you will break out.


Getting used to Pluto intensifying how the world perceives you yet? It’s a long run, so get used to it.  The square from Saturn is holding you accountable about how you wish to impact the world with the gifts you came here to share. Jupiter now resides in your communication sector making this is a great time to brainstorm those ideas with someone that you trust.


You may wonder why your relationships are so overbearing right now. Mars is lighting up that sector of your chart. You may be overwhelming your friends. The big news for you is Jupiter in your talents / resources / income house! Find new ways to develop your gifts and you will probably make more money at it. Venus moves into the fun house at the end of the month, great time to plan a dream vacation after May 12th.


You have been a strong personality since Jupiter is now in that house. Use it wisely so you don’t make any hidden enemies. The Mercury retrograde is set in your talents/income house, so if it seems a little hard to make money, plan a different strategy.  At the end of the month when Venus moves into your home sector, it will be a sigh of relief. Work is strong, though not as strong as you would like. Relax, that will all change shortly.

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