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April 2010 YP Connections: Non-Profit Profile

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Formed just one year ago, Mutual of Omaha’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) has quickly grown to more than 350 individuals. The ELN -- one of the company’s Employee Resource Groups -- helps engage and develop future leaders by enabling them to expand their business knowledge, broaden their network and increase their involvement throughout the community.



Rather than using traditional internal communication channels, the ELN has created a private LinkedIn group to communicate with its members. This allows the group to engage in conversation while networking with each other.

The ELN regularly facilitates personal and professional development sessions to help associates better understand the business and corporate culture. Some of the sessions have included how to appropriately “brand” yourself.

Because Mutual of Omaha has more than 3,000 home office associates and several niche business areas, the ELN determined it was important to find a way to connect individuals who wouldn’t normally interact with each other. This was done through a Coffee Talk networking program. Participants are randomly assigned to meet with two other associates on a monthly basis. Coffee Talk has helped break down walls, as well as align individuals with similar interests or expertise.

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