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Nebraska Humane Society's Useful Tips To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

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The Nebraska Humane Society was founded in 1875 and is the fifth oldest Humane Society in the United States! The organization was originally established for the protection of both animals and children. In the mid 1940s, state agencies began to embrace child welfare issues, leaving the Nebraska Humane Society as the sole organization within the Omaha area designated for the protection of animals. They provide education, give sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions and promote responsible pet ownership. By providing animal control services to much of the metro area they also serve the citizens of our community by upholding laws enacted for the protection of people and animals.



adoption pointers   

  • You must be at least 19 years old to adopt an animal from the Nebraska Humane Society.
  • You must bring a valid ID
  • Be prepared to spend some time at the shelter. The adoption process can take an hour or longer, and you may have to wait to see a counselor. Try to come during the week, early in the day!
  • Arrive Early! Because each adoption take time, adoption applications must be in 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Everyone in the family should meet the new addition- so spouses, children, etc. should be ready to make a visit before you sign the final papers.
  • Children should be apprised of the responsibilities and proper treatment of new four legged family members.
  • If you have a dog and wish to adopt another, your resident dog will need to meet the new dog after your initial visit.

do you have time for a pet?

Do you have young children, travel frequently, go to school full-time, or work for the military? These are all common reasons animals are surrendered to the shelter.

can you afford a pet?

Expenses can add up quickly, consider: routine veterinary care, training classes, food, supplies, toys and unexpected veterinary expenses!

consider lifestyle

Can you easily leave for the weekend, be away from home for extended hours, or change your schedule with ease? Not once you have a pet! You will have to arrange for care for your new pet... Pets depend on us for food, water and attention!

do your research

Shelters across the country are full of animals who were surrendered by their previous owners who did not do theirs. For example, many breeds of dogs have special energy requirements; kittens should be adopted in pairs; and some dogs prefer homes with no children.

additional tips to keep in mind when looking to adopt:  

  • When looking to add a pet to a home with an existing pet, adopting a younger pet of the opposite sex is usually the best match.
  • Dogs have a variety of energy requirements. Be aware of these requirements!
  • If you are adding a cat to a home with an existing cat, keep them separated for at least 14 days to prevent possible spread of common kitty cold!
  • The number of litter boxes in your home = the number of cats plus one!
  • Adopting an adult pet is usually the best option for homes with young children.
        Your counselor will be able to answer additional questions for you to create the best match.

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