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April 2011 Soul's Journey

Loyalty to Your Soul

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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One definition of loyalty is a feeling of devotion or attachment to someone or something. We can have loyalty to our country, our family, a sports team, a spouse or friend. If asked to describe themselves, many people would state the quality of loyalty as something they admire in themselves and others. If you were to consider that word, it would probably conjure up its own definition unique to you, as well as situations where you have been loyal and times when you weren’t. Loyalty can come from a place of deep reverence or it can also come from a place of fear. And, just as our motivations for whom and what we’re loyal to are varied, so are the reasons we are disloyal. Today we will explore the aspect of loyalty to our soul.

There is a sacred energy within each of us, called the Soul, that connects us to the Divine. This soul consciousness holds the blueprint of what this life is all about for us, our purpose, the patterns we’re here to clear, the karma that awaits us and the variety of people and choices that are scattered throughout our timeline. It attracts exactly the right situations and people into our lives for what we are to be learning and clearing. Everything in our lives is a reflection of what is going on in the deepest levels of our being. This is the consciousness that lives in unconditional loving and joy. It sees each experience we have as an opportunity to learn and grow and move beyond any limitations we have placed on ourselves. The soul holds no judgments, regrets or shame. It doesn’t compare itself to other souls or hold any insecurities. It feels comfortable being in any setting, knowing it’s all perfect and magnificent on the highest level.

The soul energy being expressed can often be very subtle. So subtle that we often miss those moments when they’re here. Some of the qualities of the soul’s expression include loving, joy, enthusiasm, innocence, peace, acceptance, cooperation and service. Think back over the last month. When were those moments that you experienced any of those qualities? Whether you were alone, in nature or with someone else. When were those moments when you let down your guard, opened your heart and your soul had a moment to express itself on this level? We all have them. It’s just that we can be so consumed with doing, caught up in negativity or judgment that we either miss these moments or suppress this energy.

The greatest demonstration of loyalty is that which comes from our Soul. This is a consciousness that never forsakes, judges or abandons. This energy is totally devoted, believes in us and will never abandon or betray us. It is a Divine energy that shines so brightly it would take our breath away were we to see it.

A philosopher by the name of Josiah Royce wrote, “Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find unity and peace in your active living.” We could take that to a higher level and say, unless we find loyalty to our soul we will always be seeking peace outside of ourselves. We will always be seeking to change and control events and people so that we feel loved, safe and secure. When our loyalty is to our soul, when we open up to and remain in the center of this loving energy that guides us, that is when we truly find unity and peace.

When we are devoted to that loving joyful place within us, we are willing to sacrifice judgment, sacrifice revenge, sacrifice insecurities and all negativity to allow that energy to come forward. To bring our True Self forward takes devotion and commitment on a daily basis. Loyalty to our soul means entering this Divine union and being devoted to that, no matter what.

If there is no loving in what you’re doing, if there is no enthusiasm or joy, where are you placing your loyalty?

If you’re judging who you are, whose opinion are you making more important than that of your soul?

Are you placing your loyalty on the standards and expectations of others? On the thousands of shoulds you’ve been told all your life and now you repeat to yourself? 

Are you being disloyal to your soul because something else is more important than that or because of fear of what others might think or how you might look?

What pulls you away from your own beauty and magnificence?

Start to become clear and aware of what’s blocking this energy from coming forward or from you noticing it more often.

Now, think about how loyal you are to your own Soul.

Loyalty to your Soul means:

  • Being willing to sacrifice any negativity that would separate you from this Divine energy
  • Listening to this deepest wisdom over the opinions and judgments of others
  • Being steadfast in your belief in yourself
  • Not letting others tell you what you can’t do, be, have or what you know to be true for you
  • Not letting anyone take away your joy, enthusiasm or cause you to shut down your heart
  • Aligning your actions and your consciousness with your Soul’s intent
  • Being engaged in life and comfortable with who you are
  • Making loving, joy, enthusiasm, acceptance and all those other qualities your priority

In the midst of our wanderings and betrayal of ourselves. In the midst of us making everything else but our soul a priority, there is that sweet, divine part of us that continues loving, continues learning and is working to help us find our way Home.

Dixie Clark,MS, MSS, LPC is Director and co-founder of Morning Star Center, a holistic wellness center. a licensed counselor and ordained minister, she holds a masters’ degree in both counseling and spiritual science and is currently obtaining her doctorate in spiritual science. With over 26 years experience in mind/body therapies, she combines psychology and spirituality to help people release emotional blocks, heal past trauma and change limiting beliefs to open to soul awareness.

Dixie Clark, MS, MSS, LPC | www.morningstarcenter.com | www.dixieclark.com

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